Friday, June 18, 2010

french fry pizza {re-create}

remember this little slice of heaven?
  how could you forget?
2 of the most fattening foods in the world,

i was determined to re-create the goodness.
i couldn't just drive to texas everytime i craved it.
lucky for you, it worked!

here's what you'll need:
freschetta brick-oven frozen cheese pizza.
(it was the closet thing to wood-grilled i could find in just cheese)
shoe string french fries.
white truffle oil.
i found the oil at dillons...who knew?
kinda of pricey...$13.99
i have a feeling i'll be making lots of these so we'll
just look at it as an investment of my well-being.
don't follow the time on the box 
  preheat to 400*
bake the pizza for 12 minutes 
directly on the rack.
after the 12 minutes, remove and cover with foil.
bump up your temperature to 450*
then spread a layer of fries on a baking sheet.
 bake for 12 minutes.
drop temp back to 400*

spread fries over baked pizza.
 drizzle about 1 1/2 tbl. truffle oil evenly over fries
then sprinkle on basil.
put back in the oven and bake an
additional 4-5 min.
just so the crust is a tad blackened.

i never waited for the temp to fully get where it needed in between
the pizza and the fries.
i'm impatient like that.

 craig loved it.
i loved it.
miley didn't even get a crumb.
i have to was pretty darn close to the real thing,
just smaller...i might have to make 2 next time.
i'm gonna go do about 200 sit-ups now.


  1. Seriously. I need that right this second!!! Fancy truffle oil lady!

  2. You are too funny.

    Who'd have thought you could find truffle oil in smalltown Kansas?!

  3. Truffle Oil...oooolala. Now about that pizza. Was it good? I hope it tasted like heaven, so it could redeem itsself. Do they pass out cardiac paddles with it? I can imagine the plaque just hardeneing around the arteries with that one. The pizza without the fries looks awesome.
    Are you using Pampered Chef pizza stones. Just curious. I used to be big into that stuff, but I tghink I only have one or two things left now.

  4. i can smell the pizza and fries through the computer yummy (:

  5. that looks really good amy!
    block party????

  6. oh...better yet....girls night.
    you know that thing we talk about doing all the time but never do! :)

  7. wow, i think my arteries just clogged reading about this pizza! looks sooooo good!


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