Tuesday, December 7, 2010

paper plate peppermint candy tutorial.

say that fast 3 times.

last year when i posted pictures of these paper plate peppermint candies, i had a lot of emails
wondering how i made them.
they are super easy...
here's your list of goods to get:
plain white chinet paper plates...you need the heavy duty paper plates for them to last.
(i used the smaller dessert size, but you could make the larger dinner plate size if you want giant ones)
red craft paint or big red sharpie
red glitter glue...walmart
spray glitter...walmart
roll of cellophane... cut into 19x19 pieces.
holiday ribbon.
paint or draw your peppermints on the back side of the plate.
some i used the red sharpie, and some the craft paint.  they both turned out fine.
if you have no patience (you know who you are), then use the sharpie, otherwise you have to let the paint dry.

then outline and embellish with the red glitter glue.
sorry, no patience people...you have to let this dry!

if only one side is going to show, then  glue a plain paper plate to the back.
if both sides are going to show...yada yada. you know.

                   then take outside (unless you like to inhale toxic fumes) and coat with spray glitter.
wrap in cellophane and tie each end with cute ribbon, mine is from hobby lobby.
 where the cellophane meets in back, secure with a little piece of scotch tape.
that's it!
told you it was easy.
i tied mine to my outside garland around the front door with string around the ribbon.  the ribbon hides it.
they have been outside in the elements 3 season's now, and still look fine.
if your gonna use them outside, make sure they  have some sort of cover though.
you could make the big ones up and put cookies or candies between the plates and just staple around the edges if you want to impress your neighbors and friends or your kids teachers. 

happy holiday crafting.


  1. Are you sure your name isn't Martha Stewart? Geez girl, those are super cute and look like a lot of fun.

  2. i enjoy seeing them everyday. VERY cute.

  3. very yummy looking (:

  4. This installation of Simon's Cat reminded me of your Christmas tree...

  5. they are so cute and are very easy to make!!!

  6. So cool! Im going to have to try this!
    If you have time, would you link up?

  7. You have a super darling blog. I love this Idea I am going to try it with my kids.

  8. Add cotton balls soaked in peppermint extract for aromatic effect

  9. so adorable...it's june but i am making these to decorate my classroom for next year

  10. This is absolutely one of the most "fun" decorations I've seen. Thank you! I'm going to do for next year. Merry Christmas.

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