Wednesday, November 23, 2011


i'm not even sure where to start with this post...i have so many things that i am thankful for and so many events that have left me feeling very blessed this year. 

but instead of listing all of them, i am going to tell you about one person that i am most thankful for this thanksgiving day.

she is a very close friend of mine...
we have known each other since we were 3, we grew up together on the same block and went all through our school years together.

she is very special to me.
she is  kind, caring, & compassionate.
she is creative and artistic.
she will make you laugh.
she is super, duper smart.
she is beautiful, inside and out.
she has awesome hair :)
she is a amazing mom to 3 of the cutest curly headed boys you have ever seen.
she loves her family and God more than anything.

AND... she just BEAT cancer!
what could've been a very bad cancer if she hadn't noticed something wasn't right.

...and i am so thankful that she is going to be alright.  i can't imagine the alternative. EVER!
thankful for her strength, thankful to everyone who prayed for her, thankful for her amazing doctor who with the help of God and many a hospital staff, worked miracles. 

God healed her...he showed us a true miracle.
...and that is what i am most THANKFUL for.

love ya my friend!