Saturday, October 23, 2010

random randomness.

its always exciting to see happy mail on the front porch.
it was from another blogger that i did a halloween swap with.
it was loaded!
 her 3 yr old made homemade doggy treats for miley and sent her a festive collar.
she gave both a "paws up"
this is what i sent her.

i decided it was time to update my profile pic.
i wore my 31 bits jewelry from meg's party

found this at dollar tree.
it didn't is awesome.

miss marley has stayed here a couple of times over the last couple weeks.
one morning i rolled over to find her next to me in bed.
of course i didn't have the heart to kick her out.
so it will be my fault if she tries it at home.

not so happy mail.
really?  again??  ugh???

my 7 yr old cat finally purred for the first time.
she sounded like she had know idea what she was doing.

the weather has been just weird enough that,  i turn the heated seat on while the sunroof is open.

proof that football and home decor can co-exist.

my husband has won TWO umbrellas in the last couple of weeks.
one from the local news, and one at a golf tourney.
if he wins another, i'm sending him out to buy a lottery ticket.

i couldn't take our disgusting shower any longer, so i spent one whole day
digging out the old dingy caulking and rehabbing  the whole thing...door and all.
it involved a paint scraper, sawhorses, and toxic cleaners.
for realz.

i found some cute fall sweaters at the thrift store.

years ago i sold a cabinet a our garage sale and have regretted it ever since.
i missed it dearly.
i found it sitting in our local antique store this week and bought it back.
it missed me too.
and i may have squealed like a girl when i saw it.

the cat's new sleeping spot.

i always eat chinese food with chop sticks.

before long,we will be wading through leaves to get to the garage.
this is 5 minutes after i swept the driveway.

we leave in a week for someplace that's fabulous...
and requires a passport.


Friday, October 22, 2010

my dad.

happy birthday dad!

you've taught me so much in my life...
and i am so thankful  for every bit of it.
and hope you have a wonderful day!
love, your daughter.

my dad is truly an amazing person.
he is selfless 
just to name a few...

he loves God, his family, his friends, and would
help anyone in need.

he is simply put....AMAZING!

Monday, October 18, 2010


today is my hubby's birthday...i won't tell you how old he is.  HA!
and just to be clear, we're almost 7 years i will always be younger :)

his parents came down sunday to celebrate.
his mom asked him what he wanted for his birthday lunch.
so she drug down all the stuff, plus her electric skillet and made them for him.
i don't own one and probably never will.
she said she hadn't ever had a request for a birthday breakfast.
she figured he would've wanted steak.
i guess he's getting easier to please the older he gets.

i made julie's manly version brunch bake. to go with the pancakes.
all craig wanted for his birthday was pancakes and to be able to watch the kansas city chiefs.
at home.
that's it.
normally he's working when they play.
like i said...easy to please.
it would of been nice if they had won close.

we made his parents eat in the living room so he could watch the game.
somebody really wanted some birthday breakfast too.
craig's parents brought him a giant k-state santa pillow....
she said they ran out of the kansas city chiefs.
...easy to please.
i'm sure come Christmas, miley will think its her's.

if your thinking i didn't get him anything for his birthday...
you would be wrong.
he got a new (to him) truck last month...
i had to give it to him early.
it's really hard to hide something that big.

happy birthday craig.
i love you so much!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

all tucked in for winter.

since it started raining leaves around here.
i decided it was time to tuck in the fish for the fall and winter.
it consists of putting huge, unsightly nets over the pond to keep the leaves out.
too many leaves and it can kill the fish...not to mention make it an even bigger pain in the spring to clean out.
this year i made a frame to support the net out of corey & amy's old trampoline.
i was trying to be green and do my part to save the planet....  cause i'm down with that. :)

the fish are still eating, so i throw the food through a hole the squirrels made, so they can still get a drink.
they are the most demanding little squirrels i tell ya.

after picking up what seemed to be a trillion sticks in the yard, i burned them in this all day.
there's nothing like working in the yard and listening to a roaring was so relaxing.
when i came in for the night, i made a cute halloween bunting with the leftover tablecloth from target that
i made the pillows out of and another tablecloth i also got at target.
it literally took me 15 don't look very close.
then i paid all those demanding companies who's service i use every month and expect to be paid for it.. 
no fun.

then i finished the night and into the morning watching the tv show parenthood....
(with a nice hot bag of microwave popcorn)
it has become one of my favorite shows.
it makes me laugh, cry and cringe all at once.

that's it...
later peeps.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

good times.

last weekend we were invited out to our friends farm for dinner.
it's where the tiny donkey's live.
i was once again denied tiny donkey ownership by my hubby.

it was a gorgeous fall evening, perfect for catching up with old friends.
old friends who live in rainy seattle, but were visiting family in kansas.
craig and dave have known each other since the fourth grade.
they see each other about every 5 years.
we need to change that...
they still throw out random quotes about goofy things.
dave and his wife bonnie, have 3 beautiful kiddos, who got to spend some time with their kansas cousins.
they were frog hunting down by the pond.
i guess that's an official frog grabber?

there was a little fishing going on too.
so sweet....
little davey saw i was taking pictures and ran right up and gave his cousin a big hug!
i can't believe this is the only picture i have of bonnie...and i have none of krissy, karla, alden, bill or joan...
 i was photog slacking i guess.

this was in the smoker all day.
it smelled soooo good...
and tasted even better.
i love carry-in dinners where everyone brings something to share.
there is always a wide range of homemade goodness.
not to mention a giant sized barrel of cheese puffs. :)
this was my plate...i filled it up twice.
home baked bread with honey butter...and pickles that karla grew and canned.
(they were hiding under the bread)   ..mmmm.  mmmm.
there was so much good food,
so much good conversation and catching up.
we had such a great time with all of you!
i wish they were closer...maybe someday??