Tuesday, September 29, 2009

pumpkin patch.

a friend told me about this great little pumpkin patch.
it sits just outside the city limits.
it's just a simple little pumpkin patch,
not "commercialized" like so many have become.

the family who runs it is soo nice.

they had so many different kinds.
all shapes, sizes & colors.

i have always loved the pure white ones.

i was having a hard time deciding which ones were coming home with me.
i could of picked pumpkins forever.

while i was deciding, the farmer showed me this.

GROSS!!!!  i totally jumped back when he came walking out with it.
then all i could think about was the fact that there might be snakes
all over the pumpkin patch.
where i had been walking.
he assured me he found it far, far away from the patch.
i think he was just saying that, so i would go back in.
i had to....i  just kept finding more & more.

they went from ity bity to ginormous!


he also had a bunch of indian corn.

there were so many bright colors.

this little guy was just waiting to get his picture taken.

i think i spent 2 hours there.
just roaming around and looking.
it was like a relaxing little treasure hunt.

this is what the back of my car looked like.

he even gave me some giant dried sunflower seed heads
for my squirrels.
i wish i could of seen them when they were blooming.
they were huge!!

these two were my favorites from the day.
this short squaty one was a "blue variety"

he sold me this one only if i would bring him back the seeds.
apparently all the seeds he had of this pumpkin got washed out,
and he only ended up with one.
talk about pressure.

the ones with black on the bottom were called

this one looks a little creepy.
perfect for halloween.

my porch is officially happy.

i could of probably stayed there the rest of the day
if i didn't have to go to work.
i love it when i find out about something new in my own town
that i never knew was there before.
if you want directions just email me.
it's totally worth it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

the dog who blogs: family secret

miley mae douglass

i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
follow my blog every
monday and see the world
through my big brown eyes.

i'm gonna let you in on a little secret.
i was adopted.
can you believe it?
i'm sure your all shocked,
but it's ok, i'm glad it happened.

i was very lucky.
i had listed my mug on this website, (see i told ya i had computer skills)
and momma & daddy saw it.
they had to make an appointment to see me,
cause as we all know...i'm a very busy girl.
i'm glad they did.
it was love at first sight.
i could tell right away, this was the family for me.

i took them back to my office so we could get to know each other better.

those feet belong to my foster dad.
he kept me until i decided who i wanted to live with.

when i decided i definitely wanted to live with amy & craig,
i yelled through the door to my assistant, to start the paper work.

 man, was she slow...

momma & daddy signed some stuff and i was "officially" theirs.
i was very excited!!!!

i think maybe they were too.

here i am with my first visitors.


i was one happy pup.
and since i moved in on may day,
some nice people left me a may day basket full of goodies.

my favorite was the chew bone flowers.
they were awesome.

all the excitement from the first day made me pretty tired.
so i took a little nap on my new friend susan's lap.

i like it here.  
i plan on staying a long time.
even if that cat has to live here too.
i was told it had something to do with a clerical error.
anyway, see ya next week.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

my cocoa is the bomb!

i don't remember it getting this cold so early.
is it just me?
surely not.
yes, it is true that "cold" to me constitutes anything
below 60*...is that so wrong?
if this is what fall is going to be like....then i don't even want to
think about what it's going to be like this winter.

good thing i have this foolproof way to keep warm.

first you start with your favorite big mug.

mine just so happens to have a very cute dog on it....go figure.

then, grab your favorite cocoa...

oh yes...chocolate caramel sundae!
i went through a lot of trouble to get this cocoa home.
it was in my carry-on bag, and apparently there were cell phone
chargers on either side of it, which caught the attention of the
tsa security people at the airport.
can you believe they thought my cocoa was a bomb?
they even swiped it for explosives.
thank goodness i got it back.

next grab a spoon from your drawer.

try to ignore that fact that there are water spots on it
and, try and remember what you were thinking when you
picked out that pattern for your wedding.
wow, dainty flowers, really?

next, add some hot water & stir it like ya mean it.

instant warm you up, go grab the remote, curl up on the couch, bliss.

your probably expecting a picture of my drinking it
but, since i burnt my tongue on the first sip,
i was too distraught to take a photo.
umm ya, that's it. :)

now, quit drooling over mine and go get your own!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

dvr love.

my dvr has been working overtime this week.

 the fall tv season has started and i'm excited.
all my favorite shows are now back....except for lost.
they make you wait forever, uhh.

i always dvr any new show i think i might like.
i give it one episode to draw me in.
ok, sometimes 2...it depends.
but my dvr is running out of space.
it only lets you record 2 shows at once.
yes people, i need it to record like 4 shows at once.
it makes me choose.
bad dvr.  don't make me choose.
we can put a man on the moon, but we can't record 4 shows at once??
come on!!!

this is what my schedule looks like for the week.

give or take a few shows that wouldn't fit on the screen :)

i am ready. i am armed.

and i have my tv snuggler with me to keep me warm.
it was so cold, i had to drag out the fleece pj's

 i am now a very happy tv junkie!!
i admit it.
i would not survive without it.
i wouldn't!!

and, as a purely precautionary measure.

ya, know...just in case.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


tuesday's are my typical day off.
they are usually crammed with stuff i gotta get done.
but today, i had nothing too important,
so i took a nap.
to make up for the previous bad week.
cause it was long gone.
so i thought.
the phone rang....
i let the machine get it.
the voice i heard flung me off the couch in 2 seconds.
it was my hubby's supervisor.
i freaked out when i heard him leaving this message.
"amy this is lt. murphy, you need to call me as soon as you can...."
as a cop's wife, you do not ever want to hear that. ever.

he was at the hospital.
apparently in a training exercise, that included fighting off a bad guy,
the bad guy won. 
craig suffered a concussion. (stars, stripes and floating people)
(yes, even super cop goes down every once in a while)
thankfully, he is gonna be ok.
very sore, but ok.
all his tests came back clear. 
god had his back, and i'am so thankful for that.
it's frighting to walk into a room and see your guy like that.
he's supposed to be taking it easy the next few days.
we will see....he's kinda stubborn in that way :)

since he was opposed to his picture being taken. (macho guy)
this is my only proof of his stay.

i was grateful i could walk out of there with him,
and that he could only see one of me.
now, if i could only just go the rest of the week........
never mind. i'm not even gonna say it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

mums the word.

today it's official.
it's the 1st day of fall.

so my eyes lit up when i looked out my front window,
and saw this yellow burst of happiness.

2 pots FULL of bright gold mums.
delivered right to my door. (thanks, suz & jerod!)
just in time for the 1st day of fall.

it made me smile.
i needed that after last week.

just one problem,
i  have to figure out where i want to put them.
i have too many places in mind.
and if that's the extent of my problems this week.
where to put my mums...then i think it's gonna be an ok week.
happy fall, y'all!

Monday, September 21, 2009

the dog who blogs: a day in the life.

miley mae douglass

i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
follow my blog every
monday and see the world
through my big brown eyes.

i'm a busy girl.
so much to do.
my list is ever growing.

today i helped load the dishwasher.

you should always pre-rinse.

 then i checked on the fish.

they were all in the water, so my job here is done. 

 i'm only 2, so i can't get my learner's permit yet,
so momma drove me to the bank. 

that is where they keep the extra dog treats.
it's great, you pull up to this big window.
people smile and ohh and ahh over you.
then you shoot them back a sweet smile, and get up as far as
you can in the car window and waalaah, this big drawer
comes out with a dog treat in it.
it's pure genius!

when we got home i found a delicious grasshopper.
they are a favorite snack of mine.
just one problem though.
i always have to use a toothpick afterwords. you too huh?

my supply of grasshoppers seems to be getting low.
momma says i have eaten all of them.
so, if you happen to have any extra....buzz me, will ya?
i'm so good at catching them, cause i blend in with my surroundings.

i know, you don't have to say it....ok, you can....i'm so cute.
being cute is tough work too ya know.

excuse me for a moment.....that cat wants something.
 no harri, you can't type.  i'm using the computer now.
get off me or i'll bite you....i'm serious, i will bite you.
ok, fine, but only this one time, and it will cost you.

and i will type it for you....you always drool on the screen
and blame it on me.  now go away.  grrrrr.

that cat wants everyone to know that she
helps around the house too.  (as if!)
she helped momma flatten one little box for
recycling and she thinks she is all that, and a bag of treats.

i could of totally done that....darn cat.
she really just sleeps all day.
she wants you to think she is a work a holic like me.
but i'm guessing you people are smarter than that.
speaking of sleep....i'm feeling a bit tired...really tired as a matter of fact.

that cat must of slipped something into my water dish.  
 you will pay f o r...  t  h  i  s  ...  h  a   r..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz