Thursday, November 26, 2009


today we give thanks
for everything that God has 
provided for us.

good health.
a roof over our heads.
so many things.
i am blessed to have these things & more. 

happy thanksgiving to everyone!! 

Monday, November 23, 2009

the dog who blogs: did you miss me?

miley mae douglass

i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
follow my blog every
monday and see the world
through my big brown eyes.

did you miss me last week??
i missed all of you....i did, i did!
sorry about the no post, but my computer privileges got revoked.
you didn't think that was possible??
ya, me either.
believe me, that is filed away for future reference.
i can't really go into specifics...
but it had something to do with that cat.
and sharing.
and this computer.
enough of that business, lets move on to what i did last week.

the weather has been perfect for taking long walks.

and really people...anytime is a good time to take my momma walking.
i really wish she could keep up with me sometimes.
why do you think i clip that string to my collar? it's so she can follow me,
and so she doesn't get lost.
don't let her fool's totally my idea!

we also went here.

A LOT!!!
there's one really nice lady that always brings me out a tator tot.
i can't figure out why i can't get one with cheese though.
i must work on that.
i will add it to my list.

oh and speaking of lists...
i learned how to use microsoft word.
it makes it a whole lot easier to keep track of my activities.

            1. chase cat.
            2. run around back yard / chase squirrels.
            3. take momma walking.
            4. pester cat.
            5. happy hour. (tator tot with cheese please.)
            6.  nap
            7. steal cat treats.
            8. blog
            9. pose pretty for pictures.
           10. email bacon.

you get the picture...lot's to do!

well i better sign off for now if i'm gonna make any progress on that list.
plus i have spanish lesson to get to.
i think i'm gonna start with number 1 & 4 when i get back.
adios amigo's!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

christiane's closet.

thanks to the sometimes annoying facebook.
...and by annoying, i mean when it decides to act wonky and won't do what i want.
i found a really cool clothing and accessory store.

it's my favorite kind too.
second hand.
this one is a little different than your normal second hand store though.
it carries nothing but upscale clothing barely used condition.
so don't go expecting a $5 pair of jeans, or a purse for a couple of bucks.
they only carry the good stuff....and i found lots of of it!
i figured if i was going to have them as a friend on facebook, i should
probably go check it out.
and i'm soo glad i did.

this is the bathroom...i figured there was no need to show you the toliet & sink.
my guess is that you know that if it's a bathroom they have to be in there somewhere.
it's a multi-tasking bathroom...shoe shopping while taking a potty break :)

the store is in a quaint little old house in the "green elephant village."
(which is a cluster of old houses with cool shops in wichita, near central & hillside)

it was all decorated up for the holidays with the cutest stuff.

it was full of sparkle.  which made me giddy!!

i fell in  L.O.V.E. with this bracelet.
it sooo was coming home with me.

these shoes would of come home with me too...if they had been the right size.

i could just imagine them with a pair of jeans....
i tried to make them fit, but it just wasn't happening.
i must have left my magic wand in my other purse.

they had some of the most amazing jewelry...
i think i may have drooled a bit.

i only wish i had somewhere fabulous to wear this.

not in newton...heck, probably not in kansas either.
so cal maybe???
definitely so cal.
i should just go buy it and hop on a plane.

oh don't happen to be a size 9 do ya?

they had so many cute clothes.
fun clothes.
clothes i would never be able to afford otherwise.
one of my shirts still had the original tag on it even.
it was from white house / black market.

the original tag was $89.
i would NEVER pay that much for one shirt. EVER.
no matter how cute it was.
( i heard you laughing  T :)
i got it for $27 bucks.  woo hoo!!
that was the most expensive thing i bought...
most items i bought were around $10.
check out some of my other bargains.

a very cute stretchy bill blass jacket.
that's the only way i will buy a has to have some stretch to it.
i don't want to feel like i'm in a straight jacket all day....or i might just end up in one.

i realized when i got home that this sweater was from ESPRIT.

wow...i think the last time i had something in my closet with that brand on it,
i was in high school.  eeks!
ya, i obviously don't get out much :)
i didn't care who made it...i loved it.

and look at the cute sack sweet brenda bagged all my stuff in.

all i can say is C.U.T.E.
the bag.
the clothes.
the shoes.
the jewelry.
the purses.
the hats.
the decor.
and super friendly to boot!
i even got a 50% off coupon for the next time i shop.
which will be very soon.
thanks christiane's closet for being my friend.
now, quit reading this...and go shop!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

treasure bag.

i found this hodge podge bag at the thrift store.

i have been resisting the chance to break it open
and dump it into a big tray.
just from what i can see on the looks divine.
i am saving it...for a rainy....umm, snowy day i guess.
when i need want something fun to do.
it looks like the "gift that just keeps on giving"
name that movie.....:)

i can see so many possibilities just with what i can
see from the outside...i'm hoping the inside is just as good!
i hope it's not a big fat letdown.

like just a big piece of wadded up paper or something,

that wouldn't be any fun.
and i need fun.
cause this getting dark business at 5 o'clock 
is really getting old.
and it's making me cranky.
so i better stop.
for now.
i should put on some christmas music 
and put up the christmas tree.
(it's not too early right?)

and then pop some popcorn and watch a little
christmas vacation.
ya, that's what i'm gonna do!!

see ya soon!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

heart 2 heart.

seeing this sign all lit up, brought back lots
of fun memories.

this was the only theater we had growing up
in our small town.
we went almost every saturday morning to watch
the free saturday movies they ran
during the summer.

it stopped showing movies and closed down
years & years ago. 
the last few years a group came together 
and reopened it...but not just for movies.
it hosts concerts, benefits, plays 
and lots of other things.
it is where the 
melodrama was performed.
they didn't put it on the sign though. :(

it was really great.
...and funny.
of course it hubby was in it!
ok, ok, so maybe i'am a little biased,
nothing wrong with that, right?
he did a great job, and so did
everyone else who participated,
like our...former neighbor,
my old high school teacher,
lots of friends.
and even the parking nazi!!!
remember him? 

craig played a very convincing "snot nosed kid"
complete with chronic allergies,
and a squeaky little kids voice.
and i am making absolutely sure that the outfit
he had to wear will never see the light of day

it seemed to be a full house, so hopefully a lot
of money was raised.
i hope so.
it helps so many children.
children right here, in our county & surrounding areas.

children who are victims.
victims of very horrific things.

it's depressing that a town of our size has the need
for such a center, but i am grateful that we do.

it helped just under 200 children last year alone.

i am glad that my husband has the ability & willingness to help
these children in so many ways.
i know it has to be tough for him....
to hear kids tell their stories,  first hand.
but he does it.
because it's his job.
and he cares.
and that's one of the many reasons why
i love him so much.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

i am ready.

did you see this on my sidebar?

the talented julie at joyshope is hosting
a scarf along tutorial.
so you will have no excuses for
not having handmade 
christmas gifts this year. 

i have gathered all my supplies.
i finally had an excuse to buy a rotary cuter and
self healing mat board.
...and i used julie's advice and printed off a 40% off
hobby lobby coupon  for the pricey mat board.

i got even luckier when my friend tina s. called to tell me
that the fabric shop at the outlet mall had their
fat quarters for $1 each.

and score i did, look at my fabulous bundle of fabrics!!

 tina is doing the scarf along also, so we each picked out 2 sets of fabrics.
(there were so many cute fabrics that we had a tough time choosing)
 we will end up making 16 scarves each.
 i will give her 2 of mine, and she will give me 2 of hers.
and the rest will be gifts.  YEAH!!  
i am just hoping that zig zag stitches are not a requirement,
because my 60's model sewing machine has only made
straight stitches ever since it came back from being serviced.

so....are you gonna scarf along too?
you should.
it will be fun.

i promise!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

everyone DESERVES clean water.

Most of us have never really been thirsty.
We’ve never had to leave our houses and walk 5 miles to fetch water.
We simply turn on the tap, and water comes out. Clean.
Yet more than 1.1 billion people on the planet don’t have clean water.
It’s hard to imagine what a billion people looks like really, but
ONE IN SIX might be easier.
One in six people in our world don’t have access to the most basic of human needs.
Something we can’t imagine going 12 hours without.


today is the day where bloggers everywhere are joining together in a campaign to
buy water for christmas.

4500 mothers bury their children EVERY DAY due to contaminated water.
the lack of access to clean water is the leading cause of death in underdeveloped nations.
and it doesn't have to be.

as we get ready to rush through department stores and browse through catalogs searching
for the perfect presents....lets pause for a moment.
let's PAUSE.
today...November 13...lets buy clean water.
clean life saving water.
$10 will provide one person in africa clean water for 10 years.
your money can change and possibly save someone's life.
a real life.


let's do this together.
one day.
let water be the first gift you buy this christmas.

for something WE take for granted each and every day.

click the photo below to be directed to the secure donation site of the highly recognized, non-profit
charity: water. 
All donations are tax deductible.
100% of the profit goes directly to clean water solutions in west africa.

share this on your blog.
link it...copy it...tell everyone.
everyone in this world deserves clean water.
together we can make it happen.