Wednesday, April 27, 2011

some randomness for your wednesday.

can i just say how in love i am with the smell of lilacs...
they have been blooming all last week and this week.
by far the longest they have EVER bloomed.
i brought some inside, cause i just can't get enough of that sweet fragrance.
mine are miniature lilac bushes.
my bestie tonya found one at our local garden center called a bloomerang.  it's supposed to bloom again in june. 
i must get me one of those!
lilacs in june!  yes. please!

tonya and hubby sean came for Easter weekend.
friday night we went out with them and our other friends mark and susan to eat.
i love getting together with my two favorite girls from high school.
we laugh. a lot!
like a doofus, i forgot my camera. :(

later that night we took the poochies to the dog bar.
yes, we have a dog bar, and it is soo much fun.
duke and miley loved it.
again, no camera.
hopefully tonya will share some pictures since she remembered her camera.

last week this little guy came for a play date with miley.
miley will tell you all about it .
yes, she said she is going to start blogging again.
she's working on her facebook page right now.

these still haven't made it into pots.
somehow our lovely spring has been kidnapped.
it has been cold, gloomy and damp.
no beuno!!!!!

some of you asked about this little guy from the Easter post.
i found him on the driveway sat morning. 
he is a chubby baby cardinal.
i didn't even zoom in with the pictures, i was laying on the driveway with the camera 2 inches from his beak.
he didn't care.
one reader said he looked like he had a little too much Easter candy. :)
i am happy to report that i saved him and that chubby little body was able to somehow take flight.

i am not a fan of doing prom hair. has to do with those glossed up pageant looking up-do's that all look the same.
i don't like that.  i like natural looking, non-helmet prom hair.
so i was happy when the next american idol wanted big sweeping curls.
some day you will see her on idol.  you will!
she has an amazing voice for a 16 year old.
i've done her hair since she was born, and i lover her to pieces.

a very unfocused photo of me being goofy.
thankfully, i have been super focused lately.
i have gotten so much made for the big barn sale!!!
the condition of my house is another story!

here is a flyer...SPREAD THE WORD!!!
there will be little red barn signs to tell you where to go.
...and if you could say a little prayer for good weather?
i would appreciate it :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

cleaning up and clearing out.

we have giant trees.
which in turn, means lots and lots of leaves.
just when you think you got them all, more appear.

i finally got them all raked up and cleaned out around the pond and the back of the house.
it looks so much better, ready for some fresh mulch and some color.
20 bags of mulch later...
harri had to come check it out...
then she promptly rolled in it.
maybe it's full of catnip, cause she was a little crazy the rest of the day.

you may have noticed the nets are still on the pond...
i am waiting for all the elm seeds and helicopters to stop falling.
they clog the pump and filter and it turns into a lot more work.
i did get the water fall going again though.
i just love that sound.

i bought flowers for all my empty containers, but nothing has been planted yet. 
i have to keep dragging them into the garage because it still is getting really cold at night.

i can't wait to get all of these
into these.

spring sort of disappeared, it has been chilly and gloomy.
i can't wait for a nice sunny day so i can get out and get these beauties planted.
my ferns seem to be loving this damp, cool weather.
they are really sprouting up.
along with my perennial beds.
i still need to mulch those.

at least my lilacs started to bloom.
i wish someone could bottle that smell, and not the fakey, fake lilac smell, the REAL smell.
it is by far my favorite smell in the garden.
i just wish it could last all summer.
someone needs to work on that too!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

barn sale sneaky peeky.

so last week i promised you a sneak peek at what i'll be selling in my booth at the
hesston barn sale
they have a new blog...go check it out.
and...go "LIKE" them on facebook

i should warn booth will have lots of different stuff.
i can't just have one or two main things...i like a variety...and that's what it is.
but these pictures are just a drop in the bucket.

 (ignore the vacuum cord in the background...i am ignoring the vacuum)
i have been re-purposing a lot of old furniture and bringing it back to a happy life.
i like to find new uses for old things...and make new things out of old things...does that make sense?

lots of cute word art and vintage accessories.
 lots of bright, happy color and some burlap.
love how this turned out...i need to make one in every color :)
hopefully you will come out and see me and all the other vendors on:
SATURDAY MAY 7TH, 9am to 3.

you won't be dissapointed...PROMISE!

one more thing...i need a name for this funky little booth of mine...
i've narrowed it down to 2 possibilities i need you to tell me which one you like.

i like them both equally, so in no particular order:
#1 creative junkie
#2 amy d ...creatively me

PLEASE tell me which one you like. or suggest a new one.
i need to make a sign in the next week....or i'll just be known as the girl with no booth name.
"i got it at the booth over there...from that one girl, who's booth doesn't have a name"
and we wouldn't want that to happen.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

gentle giants.

over the weekend the budweiser clydesdales were in town.
there were so many people there, you would've thought they were giving out freebies or something.
i don't think i've ever seen so many people come out for an event like this. EVER!
it was a HOT sunny day....which resulted in a horrid sunburn.  it is still april right?

there were 8 horses all together.
 to be considered, they have to be at least 6 ft tall at the shoulders and weigh 2000 pounds!
they are HUGE!
they unloaded them one at a time while they put all the halters and reins on.
check out those feet!
they seem to be very used to photo sessions...they were hamming it up for the crowd.
hitchin them up to the wagon.
they had a question and answer session then they paraded them down main street with a police escort.
eeegads!  i just noticed in the background of the picture that gas is up to $3.52 a gallon!  maybe i should get a horse.
 that dalmation has a pretty cush job.
you could almost hear the dog saying "yep, i have totally have it made!"
 the wagon even played the budweiser jingle as it drove past us.
 see the little bows around their braided and bunned tales?  that made me laugh.
this was the first time i had ever seen the clydesdales...i'm glad we went.
they are beautiful!
and they really are gentle giants.
they are on a should check to see if they're coming to a town near you.  it's totally worth it.