Wednesday, April 20, 2011

cleaning up and clearing out.

we have giant trees.
which in turn, means lots and lots of leaves.
just when you think you got them all, more appear.

i finally got them all raked up and cleaned out around the pond and the back of the house.
it looks so much better, ready for some fresh mulch and some color.
20 bags of mulch later...
harri had to come check it out...
then she promptly rolled in it.
maybe it's full of catnip, cause she was a little crazy the rest of the day.

you may have noticed the nets are still on the pond...
i am waiting for all the elm seeds and helicopters to stop falling.
they clog the pump and filter and it turns into a lot more work.
i did get the water fall going again though.
i just love that sound.

i bought flowers for all my empty containers, but nothing has been planted yet. 
i have to keep dragging them into the garage because it still is getting really cold at night.

i can't wait to get all of these
into these.

spring sort of disappeared, it has been chilly and gloomy.
i can't wait for a nice sunny day so i can get out and get these beauties planted.
my ferns seem to be loving this damp, cool weather.
they are really sprouting up.
along with my perennial beds.
i still need to mulch those.

at least my lilacs started to bloom.
i wish someone could bottle that smell, and not the fakey, fake lilac smell, the REAL smell.
it is by far my favorite smell in the garden.
i just wish it could last all summer.
someone needs to work on that too!


  1. I know it's a lot of hard work but .... don't ya just love the Spring clean up? I know I do! Everything looks great ... ready for lots of blooms & fishes! I'd love to have a pond but I feel certain I could never keep the Retrievers out of it. I've cleaned up a bit but it's still way to early for blooms here in West Virginia (although, like yours, my lilac is beginning to bloom). Thanks for sharing ... I loved this post! Have a great day! (BTW, Harri is lovely!)

  2. I can't believe Harri made an appearance. I don't think I've ever seen that cat...

    Our lilacs have already come and gone. It's so strange how 6 hours can make such a difference in climate.

    Backyard looks great - can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  3. Everything looks awesome! Lilacs are totally my favorites too. They just vanish so quickly.

  4. wow the place looks so neat and tidy!

  5. Girl we had a frost delay at softball this morning (not really, but I think it makes us sound important like golfers, and it WAS 31 degrees )....and then it skyrocketed to 65. Kinda crazy here in the Seattle area.
    We don't think of planting before Mother's Day. And really? Memorial Day if you value your nursery dollars.

  6. Hi Amy, first time to your blog! Came to your blog via Megan at Whatever! Love it! Miley is so cute and Harri & beautiful!

    I was wondering what is the last flower, with the "pinched" petals?


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