Saturday, October 31, 2009

trick or treat.

ask anyone who knows me...i love halloween.
we get a lot of trick or treater's in our neighborhood, so
i started dressing up a few years ago to hand out candy.
i pretty much make my costumes with odds and ends i find at the thrift stores,
or just scrounging around my house.
i seem to have quite a collection of costumes these days.
my poor neighborhood kids never know what to expect.

2004...the hamburgler.
it seemed to be a big hit.
i really should of went to mcdonald's dressed like this,
just to see if i could get some  free food.

2005...robin hood.
for some strange reason,
i don't have a picture of this one...bummer.
it was cute.
although one kid kept calling me an elf.
he didn't get any candy.   kidding, but he didn't get the good stuff!

2006...ghost bride.
this one was really fun, but seriously freaked out the little kids.
poor lawson, my neighbor did not like me one bit!

2007...wednesday addams.
i loved it when i went to the door and saw a little girl dressed up just like me.
she looked up at me and said..."hey, your me!"
she got extra candy :) you know what to do for extra candy, or to end up with the
bad stuff.  (i am not an elf!)

me and spidey made quite a pair.

2008....whimsical witch.

this one was fun to make...the dress is made from a halloween tablecloth
i found at my favorite flea market...the hat also came from there.
it was super itchy and i kept losing feathers all over the house,
but it was still one of my favorites.
i actually just found one of the feathers the other day in my closet.
my little neighbor london ended up matching me and my pumpkin
in her little bat outfit.  she was the cutest bat i had ever seen.

so what i'm i going to be this year???

your just gonna have to wait and see what i conjured up.
it's pretty darn cute...i think anyway.
all i know is that after today, i'm probably going to find glitter
everywhere for the next 10 years.

Friday, October 30, 2009


it looks as if the weather is gonna be perfect for halloween.
last nights moon was slightly hidden behind all the fogginess of the clouds.
the rain has hopefully stopped, but everything remains damp & gloomy.
perfect spooky halloween weather.

our cemetery has a lot of old and creepy looking markers...

some are even from the early 1800's.

there were so many written in german.

this one caught my attention,  since most of the houses on our block were built by the reece family

a lot of the markers were broken...which made them look even creepier.

this place always creeped me out as a kid....the warkentin crypt.
my friend and i used to walk through the cemetery when we were in middle school.
i don't exactly remember why we did, but for some reason it must have intrigued us.
we would dare each other to go up to it and see if it was unlocked. 

their house is in our neighborhood also.
i gave a couple tours there in 8th grade for extra credit in drama class.
i wish i would of appreciated it more back then...i remember nothing about that house now.
maybe i should go and take the tour again....i'll add it to my list of weird things i wanna do :)

in case you were wondering if i just happen to hang around cemetery's...
the answer is no.
every time i would go visit my grandma's grave, i would notice all of the old stones.
they are actually kinda cool, in a weird sort of way.
they really did some neat writing on them back then.
some are very artistic.
some tug at your heart.
some just give you the shivers.
i would not wanna be hang'in around here in the dark, that's for sure.

well, gotta go a carve up some spooky jack-o-lanterns for all the trick or treaters.
have a great halloween & try not to get spooked!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

fall colors...the end

i think this is the last batch...
too bad they will probably be covered in snow before we know it.
i'm really hoping that winter is kind to us this year.
it is by far, my least favorite season (weather wise:)

roll the pictures...

yesterday it was super windy, so a lot of these trees are almost bare now.
i couldn't even see our neighbors yard or sidewalk...or our driveway.
every time i open the back door, a million leaves fly in.
my guess is, i'm gonna forget how pretty it has been this fall,
when i have to start raking all of these leaves up.
maybe i will just use our handy leaf blower and send them all to the next block,
surely they could use a few more over there.
or i could just sell them on ebay...some people will buy just about anything.
i just had to add that today is a very exciting day for a dear friend of mine & her family.
today they are adopting a handsome little guy, that i just love.
(you can't help it, he is that cute! )
although he has lived with them for a will be OFFICIAL today!!
they have went through a lot to make this happen and i am so
happy for them that this day has finally come...congrats M & S!!!!