Saturday, October 17, 2009

let's eat.

while digging through the garage looking for a hammer,
i stumbled upon one of our favorite recipe's.
in the garage?
why yes, isn't that were everyone keeps their recipe's?

yes it was in the garage.
and no, your not seeing things, it is on a block of wood.
but that's were you write it down when your friend calls to give it to
you and you are outside doing yard work and have no paper.
it's always just stayed in the garage.
it's one of those easy to remember recipe's, so i have never
actually written it on a card.
i know, a little weird.

it's called...iowa corn.
it has nothing to do with iowa.
that's just what my friend called it.
(she really never has explained why either.)
it's super yummy and super easy!
i actually tweak mine a little from the original recipe.
(yes, the one on the piece of wood)

here's what you need from the grocery store of your choice.

1 can corn
1 can cream corn
11/2 c egg noodles (uncooked)
1 c. processed cheese. (i use the store brand)
1/2 c. butter-softened
1 tbs. sugar
ham, cut into cubes.

(and it's always nice when your almost done shopping at the grocery
store on a friday night, and realize you have worn your gross, but
comfy slippers out in public. uh!)

the original calls for macaroni noodles, i prefer egg noodles,
but try it with whatever you want.
and i add ham to it to make it more of a main dish,
rather than a side dish.
so if your one of those people who go
"oh gross, ham!!!"  then don't use it :)
first, dump both cans of corn into a good size baking dish
(you do not have to drain the reg corn).
then slice up your softened butter and add it in.

cut your cheese into chunks.

then melt it do not want it completely melted.

it should look like this.

stir it into your dish, along with your noodles and the sugar.

and if you were one of those who referred to ham as gross, skip the next step.

add in your chunked ham, and give the whole thing a big stir.

cover and bake @ 350* for 30 min, then uncover and bake an additional 30 min.
it should be slightly browned on top when finished.

now go grab a fork and pretend your in iowa for no good reason.

and enjoy some YUM.


  1. So, so yummy! Thanks for sharing some with us!

    p.s. I've worn my slippers almost everywhere the past week. School... the store... pre-school... dog groomers. Whatever.

  2. that looks really good amy...i think my kids might even eat it!


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