Thursday, October 29, 2009

fall colors...the end

i think this is the last batch...
too bad they will probably be covered in snow before we know it.
i'm really hoping that winter is kind to us this year.
it is by far, my least favorite season (weather wise:)

roll the pictures...

yesterday it was super windy, so a lot of these trees are almost bare now.
i couldn't even see our neighbors yard or sidewalk...or our driveway.
every time i open the back door, a million leaves fly in.
my guess is, i'm gonna forget how pretty it has been this fall,
when i have to start raking all of these leaves up.
maybe i will just use our handy leaf blower and send them all to the next block,
surely they could use a few more over there.
or i could just sell them on ebay...some people will buy just about anything.
i just had to add that today is a very exciting day for a dear friend of mine & her family.
today they are adopting a handsome little guy, that i just love.
(you can't help it, he is that cute! )
although he has lived with them for a will be OFFICIAL today!!
they have went through a lot to make this happen and i am so
happy for them that this day has finally come...congrats M & S!!!!


  1. It is a great day!
    Thanks Amy.

  2. OMG!!!! What exciting news!!! Congrats to M&S!!!

  3. Did you lay on the ground to take some of these pictures?

    Congrats to the new, bigger F. family! So excited for you all! :)

  4. Amy,
    These are beautiful pics... Just remember when you rake the leaves, Don't burn them..


  5. congratulations to M & S and family our prayers paid off!!

    Linda and Jim


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