Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ugly duckling.

when i went to get a new book of checks
from my drawer, it made me happy.

why?  because i am finally down to the last
book of HIDEOUS CHECKS i have ever picked out.

seriously, what was i thinking?
DUCKS!!! i can think of plenty of things i like more
than ducks!!!!!!!!
and to top it off, i had four, yes FOUR boxes of them.
that's like 900 checks.  crazy.
we have had these same, stupid duck checks for like 5 years.
i'm pretty sure i bought them for this one.

duck tape...get it?
i must of thought it was the funniest thing at the time.
i guess i never looked at the other designs or i probably
wouldn't have picked them.

but i, we have been stuck with them, with what seems like forever!!

back quacking ducks...dumb.

the lone ranger and tonto....dumber!

this check ALWAYS came up when craig was writing a check.


i've decided i am not going to use the check card until all of these ridiculous checks are gone!!
i can't wait to get rid of them....i guess i could just shred the rest.
but that would be wasteful.
and i am not wasteful.
ok, maybe with canned pop i could be called somewhat wasteful.
i don't like it when it gets the slightest bit warm.
so i just go get a new (cold) one.
to save money i even started buying the grocery store brand dr. k.
i used to snub it big time.
but i have actually come to prefer it...didn't think that would ever happen.

ok, back to my hideous checks.
here are the last 2 designs.

fool moon...yah, i was the fool that bought these....and really, don't you think it should
say "foul moon."  whatever.

summer stylin....the only good thing about this check is there
is a beach on it....ahh, how i miss the beach.

i think it is time for another california trip.
i think i could easily get rid of all these checks there.
....i could even sit on the beach and pick out new ones.
but i promised craig when these ran out, he could pick the
new design.
hopefully it's not wolves & eagles again...or ducks.
maybe we should just go back to the plain jane ones that are free.


  1. Haha!! Those checks are pretty bad. ;-) What were you thinking?

    And I'm with ya on Dr. K. That stuff's not bad!

  2. wow you got lots of bargains! Like the pink sweater most of all. Didn't know about the ducky checks the qracks me up!! hahaha.



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