Wednesday, October 14, 2009

yeah for thrift stores.

all it did was rain today.
never off = crappy weather.
i tried to make the most of it.

lets see if you can guess where my first stop was.
(hint:  it was 2:01pm)

then i needed to hit the thrift stores for some cowboy clothing.
don't worry, i won't ask you to guess why for this one.
but if you want too...

if you guessed halloween,
you would be WRONG.

it's for a melodrama, that craig is in.
my husband has done some crazy things to benefit children's organizations.
he has even gone so far as to dress up like a woman.
multiple times.
(sorry, i cannot bring myself to add a picture of that)
and since he is in another play, he needed some
hip western duds for his part.
the play benefits heart 2 heart child advocasy center
they do WONDERFUL things for children who have
went through some horrific situations.
the play is saturday november 14th @ the fox theater in newton.
if your in need of a good laugh and want to help out some kids...
you should go.

for some reason i am the one who has to scourer through
town to find his outfits.
that's ok, i would much rather do that then try and act.
he is playing the part of the "snot nosed kid"...lovely!
this is what his play book has as his description:
young man who dresses as a sharp gunslinger in black & silver;
however, his costume is obviously too little for his body.
including the youth size cowboy hat.
ok, what am i supposed to do with that?!?!
my husband is 6'2".
and his clothes are supposed to be too small? cetera shop here i come.

-youth size black cowboy hat with ties.
SCORE!!! and for only 50 cents.

-black cowboy boots (size 12)
SCORE...umm except there size 11.
make it work's only 1 night.
(women make sacrifices for shoes all the time.)
and, they were only four bucks.

-silver cowboy shirt
1/2 SCORE.
black & gold will work right?
besides, who will care...not me.
it was only $1.00.

black jeans that are too short.
for now at least, i still have a
month to find some.
although trying to find jeans that will fit around
his waist and look too short might be harder than
i think.

so here are the goods so far.

while i was there i found a few items for myself...ya know, since i was there.

from the moment i felt this scarf, i knew it was coming home with me.

it is super, duper soft.
and i am not the only one that thought so...
the cat immediately curled up on it.

and check out this cute pink sweater...i love it.

it doesn't even look like it has ever been worn.  whoo hooo!

but these do...and that's why i love them.

these must have been sent from heaven...they are that AWESOME!!!
skinny legged, worn just enough, not to long, s t r e t c h y jeans.
yeah me!!!
i am only 5 ft tall and have a horrible time finding jeans that don't
drag on the floor.
the flared leg style just about killed me.
i am glad those are on their way out.
they are for me anyway.

i even found craig an awesome ralph lauren polo, and
i'm glad he doesn't care that it came from a thrift store.
he likes a bargain just as much as i do.

well i just finished the last of my route 44 dr. pepper
courtesy of happy hour at sonic... did you guess right?


  1. I love a good thrift store! The Et Cetera there is one of my faves! If you can't find jeans short enough - could you just hem them?

  2. Whoa you scored! I rarely find good things at our local thrift stores.

    And yes, I knew right away it was Sonic. ;-)


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