Thursday, October 8, 2009

fall chores.

it seems so early to have to bring my houseplants 
back indoors.
i swear it doesn't usually get to freezing until after halloween.
i guess this means were gonna have a nasty winter.
so, so, so not looking forward to that.
winter is only good if your on a ski slope.
in colorado.
by choice.

so now all my houseplants that thrive outside in the summer,
are now randomly sitting all over my house.
there bummed just as much as i am.

and so it fall chores.
first i have to chop all of this gracefulness down.

if i don't, it becomes a big spring mess.

then i have to cover my tranquil fishpond with
big, ugly, ugly nets.
if i don't, all the leaves fall into it and they become
toxic to the fish.
that's what i've been told anyway.
plus, it just keeps it cleaner,
which makes it easier to take care of,
which makes me less crabby.

so i get to go from this:

to this:

ugly, isn't it.
i'am not the only one who hates it.
miley & the squirrels hate it too.
it makes it more difficult to drink out of.
i have to leave a spot semi-open so the
squirrels can still get a drink, or they'll eat a hole
through it to quench their thirst.
i know, i am way to nice to the little creatures.

i  cannot believe how many leaves are already on the ground.
i will be raking for the next month...maybe two.

someone loves to jump into leaf piles.

she will seriously hide in them to ambush the squirrels.
they have a love/hate relationship.

this could be why we have so many.

this is our yard.
aka: squirrel paradise.
notice there are way more acorns than grass.
it's a losing battle in the fall.
you can seriously get bonked on the head
if you are standing in our front yard.
were just being neighborly, cause 
nothing says "welcome" like a good whack
on the head.
happy wednesday!

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