Friday, October 2, 2009

down on the farm.

my friends who told me about the pumpkin patch live on a farm.
they invited me out to see their animals.

the cutest farm girls ever gave me the tour.

by the time i made it out there,
the sheep and cows were gone.
they had just sold the day before at the kansas jr livestock show.
but they still had some of their goats.

they were very curious that i was in their pen.

their actually pretty cute.
not cute like a puppy cute, but kinda cute.
their pretty much the size of a dog.

they love to romp & play. it was pretty funny.

they make some pretty funny noises when they play.

when i first got there, i noticed one was roaming outside the pen.
he was quickly scooped up and put back.

(goat) "thanks lady for pointing out that i had escaped,
i really appreciate it. i finally get a taste of freedom and you
show up and rip it away from me."

and no farm is complete without a resident farm dog.
this is lily.

i was told she loves the goats and they love her.
they put their heads through the pen and she washes them.
of course she wouldn't do it when i was there.
it may have had something to do with the fact it was feeding time
for the goats.

ya know, food trumps cleanliness.
this little guy was cracking me up.
he was standing at the alfalfa chute
wagging his tail and stomping his hoof.
he was one happy goat.

this one was a little annoyed i was snapping photos
during dinner time.

and just for kicks i had to show you a picture of sweet
farm dog lily.
who doesn't look so sweet when the camera decides to focus
on the wire pen and not her.
she looks like a snarling grizzly bear.

all that snarling made her thirsty.

 and lazy.
she chose to ride back to the house in the golf cart.

oh, and i almost forgot the best part.
brand new farm kittens!!
cute! cute! cute!

he was so tiny & fluffy.
i had to restrain myself from taking him home.
i wanted to.
really bad!

from the look i got, i don't think momma was ready for him to leave yet.

i left empty kitten.- this time.
but at least i can go visit him, they told me to come
back in a month when they get a bunch more
baby goats. i can't wait.
{ thanks was fun.}

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