Saturday, October 24, 2009

future cheerleaders.

i love going to hometown football games.

the brisk weather.
hot cocoa.
seeing friends.
people watching :)
and of course watching the actual game. (yes, i did watch it)
when i was little, all the little girls sat along the walkway to watch the cheerleaders.
that's not allowed issues i guess.
man, safety takes the fun out of everything nowadays.
anyway, the cheerleaders host a cheer clinic for the little kids.
a couple of our friends little girls participated,
so we went to watch them...and watch the other team get creamed.
they were so cute...and cold.

they actually got to cheer the whole first quarter.
down on the field with the big girls.

they even gave them all little pom poms...lucky girls.

it was a constant sea of black and gold.

some of them had the deer in headlight look.
others looked like they were bouncing off the walls.
some had just givin up all together and just sat down.
it was cute chaos.
i think they were a little nervous.
there was a pretty big crowd.

i heard one of the big girls ask if anyone needed to go potty before the halftime show.
can you imagine trying to corral even half of them in the bathroom?
bet she regretted even asking.

they did a little dance number and even some was very cute.

their expressions made me laugh and smile.
it brought back high school memories of being a cheerleader.
things are sooo different now...
some of my favorite memories from high school came from
all the fun we had cheerleading and just being goofballs.
sometimes i see teenagers and think...oh please tell me I was not that goofy.
but i'm sure i was.  doesn't really matter.  IT WAS FUN!

those little cheerleaders must have been good luck.
our team won...big.  gotta love that.

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