Saturday, October 10, 2009

piano workout?

this just proves people will change their routine if you make it fun.
maybe someone's on to something, maybe i would be
more motivated to exercise if i could create music when i moved.
maybe it's already out there and i just don't know about it.
like that "dance, dance" thingy ma-jigger, but i don't think you actually
make music with that, you just get to work on your dance moves.
...and since i don't have that problem.  HA!

can't you just see it.
all the ymca's with giant size keyboards on the floor.
like the one in the movie "BIG".
everyone doing their thing to make it play a song.
all the while getting 6 pack abs...i'd settle for a 2 pack :)
i WOULD do it!!
it sounds like fun.
craig would say i'm a dork.
ok, so maybe you think i'm a dork too.
but that's ok...everyone made fun of suzanne sommers
with her thigh master, and she's a millionare :)


  1. This is awesome!--Tamara

  2. i would do it.
    at least i would do it once...kind of like a treadmill. :)

  3. I know I am more motivated if it's "fun"!


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