Monday, August 31, 2009

the dog who blogs

 hi, i'm miley.
mom decided to let me take a whirl at this blogging thing!
i think i'll be pretty good at it too.
i can type 2 words a minute just with my nose...i know, impressive!
mom says that every monday i can blog about whatever i want to.
 i think i'll call it "the dog who blogs"  catchy isn't it?
i'll feature some of my favorite things
and all of my friends...i have LOTS of friends.
and maybe if she's really nice to me, 
i'll even let the cat type a sentence or two....maybe.
she's lurking towards me ...i must get her.
well i'm exhausted, blogging is hard work, i need a treat & a nap. (i'm having lobster)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

it found a good home

ok, i'll admit it.  i'm gonna miss it a little
but thats ok.

cause i'm not gonna miss this.

or this

and definitely  not this...YIKES!

but it was find a new backyard
and create more memories for someone else.

you have given us so many fun times.
you've hosted many neighbors, friends & parties.
but we must part.
don't be will have a great new family.
ok, so they may not treat you as well as we did  (i was a little OCD with cleaning!)
but you'll get used so much more now,
and that's what a great pool like you deserves.
i promise i will come visit some day.
so until then....


Friday, August 28, 2009

nope, still not fun

my bill basket was a mess.
which made it even harder to do the bills (like it's ever easy)
and it makes me cranky!
so i dumped everything onto the table and started sorting

then, i went to the evil empire...wal-mart
and looked for a cute organizer.
of course they had absolutely nothing that would work for what i wanted.
so i started looking for things that i could put together and make my own custom one
and this is what i came home with.

a cute little tub...of course they had one left in the color i wanted and it was cracked!
so i settled for dark grey, oh well.

colorful polka dot folders, which look very "partridge family" in this photo.

3 mesh pencil cups.
route 44 dr. pepper (imperative to the organizing process!)

and here it is, all filled up, easy to take wherever, & totally organized (for awhile anyway)
oh, and way cuter than any old boring one you can just buy.

so does it make paying the bills any funner?

uummm, no.
but it's darn cute to look at.

this could be disaterous.

so i decided to join blogland.
i'm pretty sure i'am the last one on the block to do so.
but that means, i will always have help.
and i will need it. so girls, fair warning!
i'm not exactly sure how much time i want to put into this,
but i'm willing to try anything once... ok, maybe not anything
but this is fairly harmless, right?
we shall see.