Monday, August 31, 2009

the dog who blogs

 hi, i'm miley.
mom decided to let me take a whirl at this blogging thing!
i think i'll be pretty good at it too.
i can type 2 words a minute just with my nose...i know, impressive!
mom says that every monday i can blog about whatever i want to.
 i think i'll call it "the dog who blogs"  catchy isn't it?
i'll feature some of my favorite things
and all of my friends...i have LOTS of friends.
and maybe if she's really nice to me, 
i'll even let the cat type a sentence or two....maybe.
she's lurking towards me ...i must get her.
well i'm exhausted, blogging is hard work, i need a treat & a nap. (i'm having lobster)

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