Tuesday, June 29, 2010

lucky me....

since my husband is a police detective he gets mail from the county courthouse all the time..
seriously he must get like 5 subpoenas each week.  i just throw them in a pile.
so when i saw the return address of the courthouse i just assumed it was for him.
good thing i actually looked since it turned out it was for me.

i opened it up to find this.
not now...not this summer.
i'm a cops wife, they can't be on a jury...

but, i did my civic duty and filled out their little questionnaire form anyway.

so if this question doesn't get me dismissed...
then i'm sure that the fact that i can't follow directions will.
oops...ya, i just started filling it out without really paying attention.
i hate it when they make you put your last name first...ehhh.

i just knew there was NO WAY they would even CONSidER me.
i am married to a cop.
i know every cop, deputy, fireman, & ems worker in this town.
i know the district attorney even.

well guess what?
name dropping apparently gets you  nowhere in this town!
i am now officially juror # 5577120,  and have to report wednesday morning!
lucky me...
i wonder if blogging about jury duty gets you booted off?
it's worth a try :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

craig said no.

when i asked him if we could get one of these.
a teeny tiny donkey.

craig: what would you do with it?
me:  feed it & take it for walks...duh?
craig:  sorry...it's still a NO!
he's no fun :)

who wouldn't want a tiny donkey?
their no bigger than the goldendoodles on the block.
they could eat all my weeds.

our friends alden, joan & karla were nice enough to let us come out and see them and their horses over memorial weekend.
which seems like forever ago...
alden married us.
which also seems like forever ago.
this was the first time that they had ever had the harness on them...so they were pretty shy at first.
i've been told they are much better and come right to you now.
did you know that you are supposed to shave donkeys in the summer?
i didn't...i just assumed that's how their fur was.
i AM NOT a farm savoy girl.

alden is teaching his grandson gabe to be a farm savoy boy though.
they just got this horse this year...her name is lucky charm.
...and she is beautiful.
such a shiny coat.
i wonder what she uses?  :)
 they also board 3 other horses out on the farm.

i was a little apprehensive about the horses....
my last experience with one was not a pleasant one.
but these guys were all very sweet.
this is danny...he's likes to sneak up behind you and try and eat your hair.
this is spanky. (love his name!)
he is just a baby.
and babies are always hungry.

this is luxi...very sweet girl who was such a poser!
karla is quite the horse mommy :)
well, hello!
they seem to like the camera.
and the grub.
how sweet...

i guess i should tell you, they are actually called miniature donkey's.
their names are tanner & boomer.
one of them has four ears...
hahahah...just kidding :)

i bet when they are born they are just the most adorable little creatures.
these are too when they are born...and then they grow up looking like this.
thanks alden, joan, karla & gabe for a great afternoon.
we had lots of fun.
i can't wait to come back again sometime...and sneak off with one of those tiny donkey's!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

number 23.

he's my nephew dylan...my brothers son.
my bro is one of the assistant coaches.
  dylan's obsessed with baseball....just like my brother was, and still is.
he had a tournament last weekend in mcpherson...or mac if your a local.  (30 min north)
the little dude was awesome.
so whatever if i'm a little biased.  HE WAS AWESOME!
he got on base every time.
he ALWAYS slides...
even if he doesn't have too.
i would rip open my leg and bust an ankle for sure.
but when your 10 you can do crazy things like slide into every base
...and roll over backwords just to catch a ball. 
just because you can.
he plays 3rd base, pitcher and even catcher sometimes.
we missed the game where he pitched...they won and he was awarded a MVP medal from the other team.
you concentrate more when your tongue is hanging out.  :)
they played both saturday & sunday. 
they ended up finishing 3rd.
i'm pretty sure they were ok with that.
they all seemed to have really good attitudes.
after the game the coach prayed with them...
they are really a great bunch of 10 yr olds.
it happened to be father's day and the coach made sure they knew how lucky they all were to
have wonderful supportive fathers that love them.
my dad, my bro & my nephew.
this is my niece...she just became a official teenager.
when the game was over grandpa treated us all to ice cream.
summer baseball games.
ice cream afterwords.
it doesn't get any better than that!