Wednesday, June 2, 2010


you may have noticed i have been slacking on the blog lately...
i can't help it...beautiful weather distracts me.
+ painting. laundry. dog & cat sitting. walking. visiting tiny donkeys. (you'll see eventually)
i could go on and on.
except that cleaning my house wasn't on the list.
no motivation for that AT ALL!
me, myself, and i pod are heading to texas on thursday.
that means lots to do before i leave.
i am headed to the flea market.
i can't wait to meander around at my leisure.
i will be there a couple of days, so i plan on going places i haven't seen in awhile.
so be prepared for me to slack off once again.
i have no idea if i will have internet access, so don't be surprised if you don't see another post til next week.
but maybe you never know.

ok...i must go finish my ridiculous list of "stuff i HAVE to get done"


  1. :(

    Can't believe you're going to visit me when I'm not there! Tam has internet so you should be good.

  2. Orange roses are my absolute favorite and the one in that photo is perfect.
    Have fun in Texas......GO AGGIES! I'm a die hard A&M fan, so is my son Eric. We're hoping my daughter Emily gets accepted to A&M for Vet Medicine School.

  3. that picture is FABULOUS amy!
    i can't believe you are going alone.
    too bad i have all these kids or i would go with you. :)

  4. have a safe and wonderful trip...i could go..........but there's not enough room for us both since the car will be loaded down i'm sure coming home..just as long as there is something for little old me (: the rose is beautiful!!

  5. I want to go
    but have no money
    have fun


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