Tuesday, June 29, 2010

lucky me....

since my husband is a police detective he gets mail from the county courthouse all the time..
seriously he must get like 5 subpoenas each week.  i just throw them in a pile.
so when i saw the return address of the courthouse i just assumed it was for him.
good thing i actually looked since it turned out it was for me.

i opened it up to find this.
not now...not this summer.
i'm a cops wife, they can't be on a jury...

but, i did my civic duty and filled out their little questionnaire form anyway.

so if this question doesn't get me dismissed...
then i'm sure that the fact that i can't follow directions will.
oops...ya, i just started filling it out without really paying attention.
i hate it when they make you put your last name first...ehhh.

i just knew there was NO WAY they would even CONSidER me.
i am married to a cop.
i know every cop, deputy, fireman, & ems worker in this town.
i know the district attorney even.

well guess what?
name dropping apparently gets you  nowhere in this town!
i am now officially juror # 5577120,  and have to report wednesday morning!
lucky me...
i wonder if blogging about jury duty gets you booted off?
it's worth a try :)


  1. I don't think blogging about becoming a juror does but blogging about the trial definitely does! lol

    I've been called to jury duty so many times but have never been selected. Guess I'm lucky that way!

  2. I've always had the excuse that I was nursing a baby at the time and was able to get out of it. I don't have an excuse anymore.
    Maybe you could tell them you are pregnant and fake some morning sickness. Think they'll buy it?
    Not to be mean here, but I think they should only call Law Students to jury duty. It's a win win.....in my eyes anyway.

  3. No way! I can't believe being a cop's wife didn't get you kicked off. Crazy. Have fun getting up early. :)

  4. since you're so cute they will pick you (:

  5. Haha!

    I've never once been called for jury duty.
    And now that I said that publically, it'll happen within a week or two. Ugh.


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