Friday, June 11, 2010

canton flea market {what i got.}

if these words make your heart beat faster...
then you might want to sit down for this.

{my favorite piece from the whole market.}

my dad is probably shaking his head and asking...
did she really pay money for that?
it needed a new back, but i had leftover beadboard sitting in the garage.
i would like to find a scrap piece of marble or granite to put on the top eventually,
 but for now it is just perfect.
(i love the little stripe of aqua paint at the bottom)
i bought it for the breakfast nook, but when i saw it in the backroom against my new
paint color, (what do you think?) 
i knew it would have to stay in there.

the best part about this piece...
they delivered it to kansas!
 turns out they're from hutchinson (35 miles west)
so they met us at our walmart to pick it up!
it's a darn good thing too, there is no way it would've fit in my honda
once you see everything else i bought!

here's some snapshots of my stuff.
eco-shopping bags $4. tank shrug $25. silver ring $2.
soup mixes $7. polka-dot flip flops $9.

2 large picture frames
$2 each

vintage aqua fan (still works) $5
mirror $10
light fixture globe $1
mini muffin tin  25 cents
crown hook that i will paint white $2

                                       junker card 50 cents
                                       bell $3
                                       typewriter key bracelet $30

old metal letters $4 for all

                                           giant D $20 (i didn't care, i wanted it!)
                                           globe $9
                                           taxi light $15

more locker baskets
(this time they were BOGO!)

                                                           money bags...i am going to
                                                           make pillows out of them.
                                                           $5 for both.

fabric for the backroom curtains. 
$10 yard


                                        door hardware for
                                        the backroom cabinets.

$5 chenille bedspread.

                          a ginormous roll of blue ticking $12

seriously...look how much is there!
i could make a cozy for my entire house!

i plan on recovering all my outside cushions, 
and making pillows for them.

                                                               map from the 60's  $1
                                                                (it had newton on it!)

hanging  flower baskets $4 each
2 metal hanging baskets with coconut liner
$2 each.

    ok, i think that's it!
                                                   i told you it was a very productive shopping weekend!

                                                     one last thing...if your a facebook friend you might
                                                 have heard me talk about the french fry pizza i had in texas.
                                                                                     i had it here.
                                                     tonyas friend elizabeth insisted that we have it.
                                                                 man, was she ever right!!!
                                                                    IT IS AMAZING!!!!!
                                           i don't even want to know how many calories are in each slice!!!

                                                 now i'm off to clean this ridiculously messy house,                                     
                                                            and make room for all my new goods!


  1. Oh that's just cold! I see how it is, just rub it in like that.
    I love it all. Even the run down cupboard and a beautiful marble top would just make it fabulous. Lovin' the flip flops too. As you know flip flops are my staple. I live in them, even during winter. A girl can never have enough slippas.

  2. WOW you bought tons!!!!

    We dont get very good antique stuff over here in UK as you do in the US. Im loving the 'D' too.

    and O-M-G French fries on a pizzA!1!!!!! im so making one of them!! wooo

  3. i feel...betrayed.
    cheated on.
    how could you find all that stuff?
    how could you not force me in to your little car and make me go?! :)

    maybe california has a flea market???

  4. Not going to lie. I am crazy jealous. You got some epic loot!!! Then the cherry on top was the frech fry pizza. Wants. It. All.

  5. i think you have a spending problem):
    just might have to take you too....therapy(:

  6. that D is making me swoon!!
    i'm not sure what i'm more impressed with...finding all those treasures or the fact that you could fit it all in a honda. ha!!

    thanks for joining in the giveaway fun on my little blog. hope you are having a happy day!


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