Monday, June 7, 2010

canton flea market. {day 1}

so i got to go back to my FAVORITE flea market again.
i know, wasn't i just there?
yes, but i had a dog and a husband with me...
i was too distracted keeping track of them to REALLY shop.
no distractions this time, not a one!

since tonya abandoned texas for maine this summer, i had to go by myself.
her friends won't even go with me, because they know i am a
and i totally proved it this time.
they would've dropped liked flies!

i took tons of pictures (as usual)  so go grab a drink and  a snack, cause your gonna be here awhile.
so many cute bags!!
sweet birdie prints.

adorable aprons!!
i found this awesome vintage apron with cocktail recipes all over it.
if only i could've brought this whole bed home with me.
it had the most gorgeous pillows on it.
super expensive pillows!
and no mom...i didn't buy this for you.
i wanted this so bad!!!
and this, this & this.
i think i managed to hit all the booths this time...inside & out.
i could live in this pavilion,  it has everything i would need.
it was so crazy hot the 100's.
i'm sure snow cones were a big seller.
it was so darn hot, that even the ceiling fans were melting.  :)
meg, i could of brought you home a million chicken coops, and this.
i needed one of these since i was canton's
cool, old school map.
i wished i had a wall big enough.
hmmm....i wonder if that buggy sells margarita's?
i was starting to poop out at this point...i think 10 hours was plenty for the first day.
i think "oversized load" is an understatement.
and no...that is not my purchases.
mine fit all nicely into my little buggy.
tonya, you totally needed this!
ok, last picture of shopping day 1.
i fell in love with these big white chippy letters, but they were $40 a piece.
out of this girls budget.
plus, i know how to use power tools.
so i am totally making these.

that's all for day 1...stay tuned for day 2!


  1. okay - I see a bookshelf for London, buffet for my dinning room and an apron for me!! Too much stuff that I would of loved. Go into business making the letters - I'll take a T. I'll be your first customer. i'm glad you had a great time.

  2. Allright stop it! That is so not fair to show me a place like that and know that I can't go.
    We don't have anything really fun like that in Colorado. The part I liked the best was the snow cone place.
    I remember a shop on the North Shore of Oahu called Matsumoto's Shave Ice. My dad would surf during the day, I would play on the beach and then we would go to get shave ice after. I got a rainbow shave ice with ice cream and beans. Yep, "beans". Sounds super odd, but believe me it was sooooo good.

  3. i'll be packed in no time and we can go shopping, i hope you got me the apron w/the cherries on it? (: and i knew there would be no ELIvs stuff for me as i said i'm having my own flea market (: that would make your dad happY (:(:

  4. oh MAN!!!
    this looks spectacular.
    wish i could've gone.

  5. Lobster is cute. I got my cookie cutter hung up. I loved those "super expensive" pillows and the "in the wonders of tomorrow" sign!


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