Saturday, March 20, 2010

texas : my fav flea market..

this is my all time, hands down, favorite place to shop.
canton, texas.
this is my take on it, and this is tonya's
i can't even tell you how many times i've been.
the first time...i was super overwhelmed.
it is like no other place...
somehow the boys & the dogs came along for the trip.

of course he would find some sort of weapon...
the last time craig came along...
him & our neighbor russ, thought they needed transportation.
it was fine, as long as they transported all of our stuff to the car.
this scooters.
so we filled our buggy's to the brim.
that's not even all of fact there is still a nightstand in the back of my car.
with some minor renovations going on in the house, i have no place to put it at the moment.
and it need's a fresh coat of paint.

take a look around at all this AWESOME.
i need to make one of the silver.
and i was kicking myself for not buying this button platter.
i should of bought this "d" also.
i loved this wall of letters.
and this long cabinet...the colors!!!
i think it could of fit on the roof rack maybe...
i'm supposed to make one of these for sean's bar, back in maine.
haha, which is funny since i don't  think there ever is a last call at his bar :)
hmm...this might add a little funk to my hair salon.
and this looked just like my lunch box as a kid.
i guess i should of hung onto it.
i've decided if you can't find it at doesn't exist.
craig says this picture is proof that ANYTHING can be seen at canton :)
that will probably be us someday...although i would be rock'n some trendier earmuffs.
 most of tonya's friends (you know who you are) won't go with us...ok, me.
something about never stopping and staying til there is no one left.
i just can't imagine not staying til it's dark, i might miss something.

here is some of our loot.
i got all giddy when i found these baskets...i think i need a few more.
tonya got a bunch of oil cloth to turn into some crafty goodness.
she also bought a dressmakers torso, even after she made fun of me for buying
one last trip.  (see, i do make sense!)
we both bought some yummy peanut butter.
she got double peanut butter cup :)
and mint chocolate chip :(
  she got this little ant made from iron & rocks for her garden.
check out this cuke cookie cutter i got for summer.
...and miley of course picked out another hoodie.
i plan to embellish it a little for spring.

the boys & the dogs ended up leaving early...that was fine with me.
trying to keep up with a dog & a husband was hindering my shopping
capabilities...which is probably why i didn't buy as much as i usually do.
hmm...i wonder if that was the plan all along?


  1. Hey Amy,

    I'm loving reading all of your posts! This Flea Market looks like it was a ton of fun! I bet I could have filled up a semi truck of stuff, I especially love the wall of letters!

    Kate Hansen

  2. I resemble your remark about Tonya's friends! You are a Canton WARRIOR!


  3. Ohmygosh, that looks like so much fun!!

  4. okay i am officially ready to go back! it would be so fun to go again!
    i want all the letters.
    and the oil cloth! love it all.


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