Wednesday, March 24, 2010


yesterday it was in the 70's.
...but this is kansas.
today it's cold & rainy.

now that most of the major construction is done in the office i spent most of yesterday cleaning up this.
then i inhaled this
while i was painting this
yes, i am painting over wood.
but it was gross, nasty wood.
...and soon new windows are coming.
it was so nice to have the windows open.
one, because of the beautiful weather and two, so i didn't pass out from the kilz.
even the pooch wanted to hang outside and sun herself today.
she even snuck neighbor marley over to play for a bit.

i really hope the real spring  & summer is almost here.
walmart has there isles brimming with all sorts of summer goodness.
i picked up these cute water bottles since i have turned into a
i love it that they have a built in handle.
and i big heart the bright summer colors.

i am patiently waiting for consistent warmer weather.
maybe i could order some off the internet.
i mean, you can find just about anything on there. a bacon wallet?!


  1. They say that bacon makes everything better, but unless it actually makes your money grow while sitting in said wallet, I'm just not feeling it for bacon wallet.

  2. Funny - this was our Texas weather - Saturday 70, Sunday snow (multiple inches of accumulation), Monday 70. It IS Spring!

  3. Corey was just saying he needs a new wallet!

  4. I thot you said you were guna have me come over and help paint !

    and you got miley a new collar.

  5. bet miley would like the wallet (:
    yummy, bet she's really excited about her new bedroom!! jordann you can come over and paint for me (: ?
    i'll take one of those's water bottle for my ice tea this summer..


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