Friday, March 12, 2010

the O.C. & texas part 4.

there seems to be one big thing that my husband and i disagree on.


i want to live there...
and he does not.
he seems to be winning the battle.
for now.

how could he not love all of this?
the beautiful blue ocean.
the sandy beaches.
crazy fun parking meters.
chicken batman!!!  how could he not love that???

so the deal is...if i have to live in the small town i was born in.
we have to vacation in warm, beautiful places.
you may have noticed there was no "we" on this trip.
he didn't want to go again.
boo hiss!!
so since i wasn't traveling with a police officer this time...
i left a little graffiti on the railing of my favorite lookout at laguna beach.
all the cool kids are doing it.  :)
it's a good thing security didn't see me.
one of the funnest things i got to do was go to julie's house.
she is an awesome blogger with an equally awesome new house.
i got to meet her when she visited kansas last summer and stayed with my
neighbor meg.
she was super sweet and let me come by and pick out some
messy flower pins
she even made the ones i wanted while i was there.
i mean, who is that nice??  julie is!!
her craft room made me drool (look at all that fabric!)...and her backyard, SO PRETTY!!
thanks julie, for letting a sort of stranger just drop in!!

i also drove down to oceanside and met my cousin and his new wife who live in san diego.
oceanside is where i found my dream car if i lived on the beach.
my guess is, i would probably only be able to afford this though.
maybe i could just live on one of these.
  this one had my kitchen counter top.
and i'm pretty sure craig would've liked this one.
or maybe that's what he said when i asked for the umteenth time
if we could move to california.

so why i go cry in corner cause i live in kansas,
check out some more random california pictures.
some day...i will prevail.
...hopefully it's before it falls off into the ocean though.


  1. Amy that VDUB is the sweetest ride I've seen yet. I like the new ones, but I love the old ones and that one is a classic. Oh I miss it all.

  2. what cool pictures (: the ocean is beautiful! nice photo of jeff & wife and dad and i really don't know what to think of the little car ?

    do love the meters they are interesting (: also i love that gal's craft room i'm jeaously alittle

  3. I will live there with you! We'll leave the menfolk here in Kansas and come back to visit occasionally.

    I have relatives in San Diego too. I'd live there in a heartbeat if I could.

    And isn't Julie fun?!


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