Thursday, March 18, 2010

pit stop.

so if you live in kansas and are driving to texas, you spend most of your time driving through oklahoma.
it was miley's first really, really long car ride...and for the most part, she was good.
i tried to keep her in the back seat on her sheepskin, but she kept making her way onto my lap.
she kept begging us to stop at all the casinos on the way. 
if we had stopped there i probably wouldn't have any money left to stop here.
i adore this is just something you have to experience for yourself.
you know when you drive up, it is something special.
you would have to be colorblind to miss everywhere!!
check out the crazy taxi that sits outside.
i only got pictures of the outside...they usually don't allow photos inside, but if you click can get a sneak peak of the goodness inside when my neighbor meg finally got permission.
she was at the oklahoma city location, and i was at the one in ardmore, oklahoma.
i only had limited time...craig waited in the car.
i felt rushed, and i HATE that feeling, especially in a store packed full of bright sparkly things.
they had a ginormous standard poodle inside that followed me wherever i went.
they also were remodeling a bit and moving stuff around, so it was extra crazy in there.
that means i need to go back soon, so i can see all the fun changes.
if you ever get the chance...YOU SHOULD GO!!
plan to spend a lot of time in there...stuff is literally up to and hanging off the ceiling.  AHHH!
...just don't bring your husband.  :) 


  1. amy you must take your mome there (:
    just don't understand why craig didn't want to look around (: haha!

  2. I want to make a road trip just to go back there. They repainted the pink bikes outside. Last time we were there they were all faded.

    Jenn Thomas

  3. Maybe I can talk Sean into letting me stop on the way up for Easter!


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