Thursday, March 4, 2010

the O.C. & texas part 2

grab one of these
(mine was a limeade slush)
and let's go for a walk through here.
mission viejo is where they held the bicycling for the 
84 summer olympics.
 and was the home of flo jo.
if your too young to remember her....*ahem*
you can go read about her here.
 there might just be a quiz :)
...probably not though, since i had to upload all of these pictures
3 times before blogger would cooperate, and now i am super cranky.
it is a beautiful park with lots of winding trails, flowers and benches.
it was so nice to see bright color again & again.
i needed that.
i just meandered along...taking it all in.
being a former gymnast, i zeroed in on this cut out.
if i tried any of that now...i would end up in a body cast for sure.
it was so peaceful there...and empty.
because it's technically winter in california, i guess people thought it was too
cold to go to the was 65 degrees!!
it was like spring to me.
i get it though...i don't function well in temperatures below 60 either :)
...because i am a dork.
i don't know what kind of trees these are, but i want one.
it could keep my palm tree company.
everything here is just so pretty.
i mean gosh darn it,  even their street lights are super cute!
which is more than i can say about the rental car
i got stuck with.
not my fav.
when the guy walked me out to the cars he took me to a dodge charger first.
(i thought "SWEET!!)
then made a sharp right and said "my bad, this ones yours"
pointing to the pukie cruiser.
(my apologies if you own one,  they are just not for me!)
but hey, it was reasonably priced...and i'm all about that!

ok, now i must get some sleep...
jet lag and car lag are kick'in my butt!


  1. This park is probably post my time in Cali, but Mission Viejo and Dana Point were my favorite surf spots. Wow, you just brought back some great memories. Now I'm wondering what the heck I'm doing here in Colorado. Although, I have to say....I'm thrilled that I have woken up to sun for the past three days in a row. Can't complain about that.

  2. just wait susan....dana point is coming soon! it is one of my fav's along with laguna beach.

  3. i love all your photos and mostly the one of look so cute i want a copy of it (: you were so lucky to go in the mist of winter time ): but not me!

  4. Jet lag and car lag? Didn't you and Craig get back home on Sunday night?

  5. actually it was monday morning at 1am sean and i still haven't recovered from back to back trips! i don't know how you two do it all the time!


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