Monday, March 29, 2010

the dog who blogs: gift card.

miley mae douglass

i am 1/2 italian greyhound &
1/2 wiener dog, so i am fast.
i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
follow my blog (most) every
monday and see the world
through my big brown eyes.

i love gift cards.
especially to this place.
(thanks talon...your the best!)
the closest one, is a town away.
and that meant one thing.
the last time i was at this store,
i had just been adopted.
and we had stopped in to pick up some things on my list.
it was good to be back.
next time i hope we don't have to wait so long.
i found lots of stuff, right away.
i think i'll take the green one please.
oh, and one of these too!
momma said it was too big...WHAAAAAT!!
there isn't such a thing as a dog bone being too big!
she won, and i ended up with this one.
it's ok, i guess.
hey, it's better than nothing.
actually i really like it...i drag it all over the house.
i totally taunt that cat with it.
ya know, cause i can.

next i browsed the collar section.
so many new choices for summer.
hmmm...i liked these.
but i really liked this green and brown polka-dot one too.
 such decisions!
so which one did i pick?
a girl just can't go wrong with polka-dots.
it's a proven fact.
it's just the look i was going for this spring & summer.
i took note of some of the new toys for when we come back.
momma says i have too many toys as it is.
when we got ready to pay, momma put me in the cart and i helped myself
to the bowl of biscuits.
they really are all about customer service around here.
i rode out to the car in style.
...and said goodbye.
i really need to start working on getting my drivers license.
i could go here everyday.
i even put it in the gps, so i wouldn't get lost.
now, i just have to convince momma.
shouldn't be too hard, right?
you could all send her an email telling her i'm totally
ready & prepared.
well, i would be if i could get my paws on one of those driving handbooks.
i'm gonna go work on that right now.
oh, and before i forget...
a big happy birthday to my cousin dylan...he hit double digits.
woof, woof!!
 and to my neighbor lawson...he turned 5!!
lawson, you did save me a cookie, right??

later taters.



  1. Miley my friend - you need to have a talk with your mother about letting you go to the Duke Store more often. I get to go a lot and love looking at all the goodies!

  2. happy birthday dylan (: hey miley now that i know you like doggy gift cards that would be something i could get you on your special days (:
    now when is your birthday? ): i forgot...don't know if the easter bunny goes there but i will find out..happy easter!! your grammy (:


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