Tuesday, March 30, 2010

128 days.

it has been 128 days since it was 80 degrees outside.
six months.
half a year.
too.  darn.  long.
it was beyond words to be outside today.
it felt sooo good.
i spent the day raking...chasing leaves.
this is just a drop in the bucket.
i haven't even made a dent.
just this one little area filled these bags.
at least these made it go a little faster.
whoever came up with these...is a GENIUS!!!
they are awesome, despite the fact that you look like you 
have big bird hands.
speaking of hands...i got some new purple gardening gloves too.
things are starting to bud around here.
even my strawberries are showing signs of life.
i can't wait.
either can miley, she stole most of them last year.
i am so looking forward to more spring like weather around here.
getting dirty in the garden...pulling weeds, planting flowers.
who knew dandelions could actually look so pretty.
obviously i have been cooped up too long.
it's finally time to get outside.

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  1. do you want to garden my space? looks like you got alot done on your day off (: guess i'll work on it friday if i have enough energy after working w/tracey on the inside (:

    unless you offer (: no pressure


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