Friday, April 2, 2010

coloring eggs.

i forgot how much fun (and messy) coloring Easter eggs can be.
at least it wasn't in my house.
i did boil the eggs ahead of time though.
we used 3 dozen...and only a few became casualties.
i never really know how long to boil there a rule??
we made the big mess over at jo jo's house with her niece skylar.
we had all sorts of stuff to pretty up the eggs.
imagine that...the teenager doesn't want her picture taken.
isn't she just so cute???  i love her big smile.
she was so excited when she found out what we were going to do.
we used 4 of the cheap 88 cent boxes, so we could put 4 tablets in each container.
we wanted BRIGHT colors.
we used glitter, markers, stamps, decoupage, tissue paper, punches & stickers...anything fun.
i think they turned out pretty good.
and the ones that didn't....well they became a snack.
she wanted her bunny in the sweet.
hope everyone has a blessed Easter weekend!!


  1. Oh my gosh. Look at how fun that is. Now that's what it's all about. I love dying eggs. I just found the most super duper awesome way to peel/not peel hard boiled eggs too.

  2. depending on how many eggs you are boiling.. but aleast 30mins and add salt to the water at med heat unless you are not going to eat them they might get over cooked (: if you boil to high as you know the water runs over ):
    the eggs are so pretty and such cute girls at least one of them since the other hid her face (:

    nice pictures,
    idk who the ugly sick lookin girl is tho.
    I had a fun time ! thanks (:


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