Wednesday, April 14, 2010

r.i.p. mr. frog

well i had my first pond casualty of the year.
bud the frog.
i found the poor thing belly up and massacred.
there was no need for crime scene photos.
to gruesome.
 it brought back bad memories of 8th grade science.
i felt really bad for all those frogs.
i have a soft spot for most creatures,
except snakes and gators.
ok, lets just say most reptiles.

these things of life i guess.
i saw him last night before i went in,
and found him this morning.
so at least that rules out miley.
she has a pretty solid alibi.
i'm not so sure about that tator tot though...
he's high on the suspect list.


  1. see i knew jaws was in there just waiting for that poor bud to hop out.
    i swear it was one of those steroid fish in that pond, those things are bigger than a chihuahua.

  2. don't tell joan d about the suspect she's be over with a trap ):

  3. Now are you going to start to have freaky frog nightmares?

  4. it HAD to be tater tot. he's naughty.

  5. I know it WASNT Tator Tot - he also went to another place - the pound! He been spraying my front and back doors! YUCK


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