Saturday, April 24, 2010

my weekend.

how's your weekend going?
so far i've been pretty productive.
but the computer likes to sidetrack me...

it doesn't like it when i hang out all day with mr. swiffer
but i needed too...desperately.

i finally sat down a paid some attention to these guys too.
i am way behind in my magazine reading.

from my jones zilch soda....
i'm really hoping it's my favorite sunglasses that i haven't seen in like 6 years.
that would be awesome. 
i bought them in california 10 yrs ago...for 5 bucks!
one day poof, gone.

all the flowers are planted.
just in time for the spring rainstorms.
let's hope everything grows,
and the squirrels don't dig them all out.

i could list 50 more things i did this weekend, but i'll spare you...

so what did you do this weekend?


  1. Spent a lot of money to buy my daughter jeans........WITH HOLES ALREADY IN THEM!#@**

  2. I spent it packing up for the move back up to Maine and hung out with Tamara and Lizzy.


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