Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{side effects}

remember this post.
it contained a little snippet about nearly choking to death on a piece of salad  (yes i know, weird)
and then my friend susan having to bust out her first aid skills with the heimlich maneuver.

turns out when all that happens, there are a few side effects.

number one:
the most ridiculous acid-reflux known to man...like crazy ridiculous, i might go insane sort of ridiculous.
i have been living on this, but it's not really helping.
i've barely slept the last 2 weeks.
it's taking it's toll and reared it's ugly head on monday.
when i do sleep, i have to sleep sitting straight up.
every pillow we own, is on my side of the bed.
it's like a ginormous tower of pillows.
craig made me drink milk (YUCK!!!) 
he said it would help.
ok, maybe like for 10 minutes, then it comes back.

number two:
i now have a stupid fear of eating by myself.
what if i choke again?  who will save me?
miley's smart, but not that smart.
so when i am all alone, i only eat this.
the fridge is packed with them.
that's the first thing that popped into my head that i could eat by myself and not choke on.
i went to the store and bought like 50 of them.
i have to say the red velvet cake and the coffee flavors are (excuse the pun) "to die for".
but let's hope not. 
...what's worse than choking on salad?? choking on yogurt.

number three:
well i was really hoping the loud music and flashing disco ball bowling would erase any traumatic events of the evening for this little guy....
but apparently he remembers the whole thing.
his mom says when someone coughs he says "amy choke...scary!"
great, just great.
i really did traumatize the poor thing.
sorry little b...
i'm hoping it will be a nonexistent memory and soon fade away.
... and hopefully take my acid reflux with it.


  1. Time to see the doc. Milk is not always the best thing, especially if you rarely ever drink it.

  2. I rarely eat while driving, but one time a few years ago when I was, I realized it would be the worst thing ever to choke while driving! What would a person do?! And it wouldn't just be bad for the choker but for everyone else on the road. Now I can't eat in the car without worrying about it.

  3. Shannon, Wichita KsApril 27, 2010 at 10:46 PM

    I have terrible acid reflux too! I use prilosec and it works great and its over the counter!!

  4. I get Acid reflux too, and in the UK my doctor prescribed me tablets called - Omeprazole, maybe worth asking your doctor if you can get this prescribed. It really does work, its amazing stuff. Hope this helps :) x

  5. That's terrible Amy!

    My 10 yr old daughter has reflux too. She never shows any signs at all during the day, but frequently pukes at night in her sleep. UGH!! It's awful.


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