Friday, April 9, 2010

my freaky fish nightmares.

it happens every year.
they start when i clean out my fish pond in the spring
and last until i get it ready for winter.
my freaky fish nightmares.
i start having the same ones....over and over.
i wake up sweating.
heart racing.
sometimes i have to go outside and make sure there all still in there.
no, i'm not on drugs.  i'm just a little crazy from time to time.
maybe it's from scooping out all the toxic pond muck.
no, that isn't's gross smelly pond muck.
it takes me half a day to scoop it all out.
i end up covered in it. 
if you ever show up when i working on it....i will make you help.
i dump it in my compost bin...for some reason, it really likes it.
so back to the nightmares....
i always dream that all my fish are laying outside of the pond.
and all i ever do is run around and throw them back in.   over and over and over....
and just when i think i have saved them's begins again.
by the way my nightmares go...i SHOULD be in really fabulous shape.
all i do is run.

everyone who sees my fish always has the same reaction.
(....well, we are in kansas.)
i guess i've had them for so long, they seem to normal to me.
two feet long is normal, right?
not all of them are 2 ft...but one is, and several are getting very close.
i got them when they were all less than 2 inches long...11 years ago.
now, they are just crazy big.
it's not easy getting them all into one picture.
whitey is always the first one up when it's feeding time...mouth wide open.
yes, they have names....and no, i am still not on drugs.
miley dosen't seem to bother them....unless fish food is involved.
 she hangs over the edge and tries to take it.
 most of the fish are koi...but there are some pretty big goldfish as well.
now do you see why it freaks me out??...would you want to run and around and fling those
giant things back in the water??
all. night. long.
...and yes, it's happened.  from time to time, they will flop themselves into a plant, and won't be
able to get back out...and i have to save them.
and one time, before we had all of these fish. 
the pond drained itself overnight and killed all the fish. (except for 2 very lucky little ones)
i cried...
yes, over fish.
they were all huddled into the last remaining spot of was awful.
hopefully that never happens again.
i don't need anymore fishy nightmares.
i seem to have plenty.


  1. Happy to see your fish made it through the winter. London will be overjoyed to come and look at Amy's fish. So loves them almost as much as you do.

  2. You forgot to mention that mine isnt yours ! that you just barrowed him from me !!


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