Thursday, June 9, 2011

empty nest...

my 3 little baby robins flew off today.
momma & daddy did their jobs.
for weeks i have watched these amazing events.
from momma picking out just the right location in my hanging basket.
laying her eggs, keeping them warm, hatching, feeding them...letting them fly off on their own.
i am gonna miss walking out there every day to see 3 little heads bobbing up and down and chirping up a storm.
momma never dive-bombed me...
and i never gave her reason to. 
she would always let me get my picture & water the basket.
it's almost as if she knew i wasn't a threat...and i think she liked me talking all sweet to her and telling her how pretty her babies were, even though quite honestly they were pretty ugly from the start. :) 
it's amazing to me how quickly they change...
momma must be named martha,  cause she had some serious nest weaving skills.
she was never far away...always keeping watch.
like a good momma would.
she even posed for a few shots now and then.
of the three, one seemed to be the leader.
he was always the first one up.
or maybe he was just the hungriest?
 his poofy hair cracked me up...he reminded me of grandpa munster with that hair.

they didn't seem to mind the tight quarters.
i hope they all make it...
i know she does too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

the dog who blogs: my birthday party!

miley mae douglass 
i am 1/2 italian greyhound &
1/2 wiener dog, so i am fast.
i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
every once in a while, momma
lets me give this blogging thing
a whirl!


this week i had a birthday!
the way i see it, you only turn four once.
so i made the most of it and partied like a rock star by throwing a big birthday bash at the local dog bar.
all my favorite peeps showed up.
...and i'm pretty sure we set a new record attendance at the dog bar.
peeps and pooches were everywhere.

these are some of my dog friends that came.       
                                                                          my ol' bud bacon.
                                                             an old co-worker of mine, tigger.
my neighbor and fence friend marley
my beauty shop buddy, sadie.
my bar buddy, skeeter.
and a random bar fly named buddy.

poor cousin duke couldn't catch a flight back to kansas, so he promises that when i come to visit him
in maine this summer, we will party it up on the new boat!
turns out one of my gifts was a new life jacket!

no party would be complete without a birthday cake.
hopefully you can't see me drooling.
since i was four, i ate it in four bites!
i am smart like that.
 i made sure i licked the plate clean.
next i got to open presents.
who doesn't love presents that smell like beef?
 why do humans think it is so funny to plop a bow on your head?
not cool!
check out my stash...
momma made me sit down and write thank you cards for all my stuff.
i hope they can read my writing...she wouldn't let my type it.

i think everyone had a good time...i know i did!

PIG EARS!!!  'nough said!

all the humans got sugar cookies...
i couldn't figure out why nobody would share.

thanks to all my friends for celebrating with me...
silly jojo...
 are you sure your smiling sophie?
 i was happy marley brought all her family.
bacon's mom and dad, keith & doris.
my friend todd, who totally needs to get a dog.
my good friend kathy...(sorry it's blurry, momma's still learning on that camera of hers)
my girls...allyssa, katie and kelby. (crys was hiding out)
tiggers family, mark & cindy.
skeeters mom kela...what happened to larry?
susie...i wished she still lived in the hood!
sadie, brad and maggie...sadie, we need to get together soon!

by the end of the night, i was one tuckered out pup.
it's a good thing i'm not working anymore..i can sleep the whole rest of the week.

....after of course i have a few dog biscuits and a couple pig ears.

later tators!