Thursday, June 2, 2011

favorite {new} things.

i finally found this at the store.
one little squirt into my bobble and it turns plain ol' water into yummy, fruity water.
the best part, you can keep one in your purse and use it at a restaurant, or wherever.

this was part of my birthday present from my mom and dad.
a happy cupcake tea towel.

they had me at red velvet.
but when they say petite, they aren't kidding.
i may have eaten 2/3 of the box in one night.

my bestie busted out her creative side and made this for me for my birthday.
i love everything about it...
especially that she made it. 
for me.
thanks T

somebody pinch me.
hubby got me this for my birthday.
is it weird to be in love with an electronic? 
don't worry honey, i still love you more than the camera.

i am having so much fun getting to know this camera.
i can't believe when i'm holding it, that it is mine. mine.
this is the first picture i took on auto.

...and this is the first picture i took in manual.  (you may need to put on your sunglasses)


i'm getting much better...
i am trying to just shoot in manual so that it starts to come natural to me.
still lots to learn.
but it's fun learning.


  1. There was such a time when a husband bought a cannon for his wife, and it was intended that she should never need (or want) to use it. Today, you are encouraged to use your Canon; to fire away without reserve. And your friends are delighted when you shoot your husband. rr

  2. Oooooh pretty camera!!! I have some crazy manual pics like that! Lol if you go on youtube there are some really helpful videos on how to use your manual settings. Its amazing what all the settings do! I'm still learning and had my camera ages, but its so fun! Happy b-day!

  3. Oh how I want one of those fancy shmancy cameras- you lucky girl! I might be the only one left in blogland without an slr! What an awesome b-day gift from your friend too.
    I've never seen or heard of MIO liquid...I will have to look for them. I have a favorites post today too!

  4. Ha! I know where you can go to learn more about shooting in manual...



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