Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the best WORST roller coaster picture EVER!

so if you've ever asked yourself what happens when you eat
mexican food and then immediately get on a ridiculously long
wooden roller coaster with your bff...let me show you.

(and you may want to use the potty before you look...you may just pee your pants)

keep scrolling...

almost there...

wait for it....

nuf said!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's not my fault.

whenever i am away from home...
my email gets all wonky.
it lets me receive, but not send.
all my emails just sit there all alone in my outbox.
waiting for their turn to fly through cyberspace to their rightful recipients.
i don't know why...i don't know anything about email that way...

so i guess what  i'm trying to say is that...
i'm really not ignoring you...
i really have replied to your comments, because i really do, heart your comments.
but you wouldn't know that, cause my replys haven't made it to you yet.
maybe i will try and work on that why i'm laying by the pool tomorrow.
it will require a phone call to the hubby...
maybe even tonya's hubby.

in the mean time, enjoy this little beauty of my happy place.  :)
ya know...why you are waiting....

Monday, July 19, 2010

here's an explanation....

about why my posts will be so sporadic this week.
it is because i am hanging out  here, listening to this.
with her.
ok...that's all your gettin for now.
i gotta get back to my margarita(s)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

some wonka fun.

our community theater is putting on willy wonka in a couple of weeks.
my husband got talked into it...
i would of loved to do it too, but i will be gone...and i can't sing.
trust me.

so i volunteered my services by  helping with the set build.
it was a ton of fun to help create "wonky" contraptions.
here's a little look around...
my friend susan is in it...so are her 2 oldest boys.
her husband mark was too shy i guess.
this is bob.
bob the boat.
he turned out amazing!
this was his maiden voyage.
this set is going to be super bright and colorful...i can't believe i'm gonna miss the show.
kids will be flying through the air and swimming in chocolate rivers...
hopefully, some kind person will video it for me.
i think someone might have a little crush on bob.
who wouldn't love a giant pink dragon boat?

if you live in the area you should come and watch...since i can't.
then you can tell me how good my husband was at playing the candy man,
or if he bombed. :)
'kidd'n...i have all the faith in the wonka world he'll do great!
...and i will totally be thinking of him while i'm with my bff, lounging on the beach for 10 days.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

bits & pieces.

been taking care of this guy all week...
he likes the baby pool, so he's always wet.

it's rained so much everything is lush, green & out of control.

i think it's time to find a new pair of these...
i've just about killed them this year.

i'm trying hard to kill something else with this.
i put it on so much, i can't hardly stand the smell anymore....and it's one of the decent smelling ones out there.

somebody likes to smell things way to much.
she loves to be outside.

finally getting some beautiful visitors in the garden.

and finally, almost done with the back room.
now the fun decorating can begin.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

i didn't graduate...

according to my high school diploma that is...
i came across it while cleaning out the house a few days back.
looks legit, right?
i had kinda forgot about it...that they spelled my name wrong.
according to this...my name is ANY...not amy.
i guess the margarita's the calligraphy lady was drinking, kicked in when she got to the W's
not to mention there were a boat load of amy's in my class.

the really funny (sad) part of this story...
not one person  in my family (including myself) noticed the mistake.
not a one of us!!!
maybe none of us deserve diplomas...

so who noticed it?
my smart diploma deserving hubby did.
after we had been married for 2 years and were moving.
he found it and started laughing.

me: why are you laughing at my diploma?
craig:  cause they spelled your name wrong!
me: whatever...your just jacking with me.
craig: no seriously...come look.
me:  HOLY #@&#  ...WHAT THA????

the end.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

freakntastic fireworks.

we went to some amazing fireworks shows this past weekend.
both of these were at friend's houses...not city shows.
they were WAY better than any small town show this year i'm sure of it!
the one on saturday night was out in the country...
the one on sunday was shot out of a cul-de-sac, in town.
he has been planning this out for quite awhile...
everyone that came got these.
he was totally organized...
 i think he has a little OCD with fireworks...just say'n brandon!
thank goodness the rain held off...if i were him i would of been so disappointed if it had been a wash out.
all that work...
but thankfully it was perfect, just a couple of minor sprinkles.
i think this show ranked right up there with the ones i have seen at disneyland.
seriously, it was that awesome!
here are a couple of  videos from the show...it was non-stop.
did you like my best valley girl "wow"?
i hate hearing myself...
i sound 80's dorky.

the best part of sunday evening is when the pyro asked his girlfriend if 
she would marry him...
she said YES!
 (and yes, this would be a perfect place to say something like...
i bet those weren't the only fireworks that night...but his mother reads this blog..HA!!)
congrats brandon & sam!!!

thanks to both of our friends for some awesome fireworks this year.
i still think they need to put out a donation bucket...that stuff isn't cheap!
can't wait to see what they come up with next year.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

blow'n up the block.

we had our annual fourth of july block party friday night.
the weather was perfect...it always is
..but i don't want to jinx it.

we started in the afternoon with kids activities.
riding bikes on our closed off street.
i heard my neighbor lawson say "this is so much fun without the cars, i wish we could do this all the time"
water balloons
bonzai falls.
firecracker walk...
like a cake walk, but with fireworks as prizes.
it was requested by one of the neighbor girls this year.
she said it was one of her favorite things.
we used homemade sidewalk paint to paint the circle of numbers for it.
amy j mixed it up and it was a big hit.
our street was brightly colored all day long.
it's super easy to make...
equal parts water and cornstarch...then just add food coloring.
if you mix it with a hand mixer it goes fast.
buy some cheapy brushes at a dollar store.
as the color dries, it gets brighter.
we spent lots of time conversing with old & new neighbors.

miley gave out lots of smooches.
at dusk we fired up the grills and started dinner.
as usual, we had a crazy amount of food.
after dinner the boys entertained us with a crazy amount of fireworks.
they never disappoint!
brayden was waving the flag & dancing the whole time they were going off!
i love this picture...
and this one of me and his momma...
it was once again a successful block party, of course it was cause...

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