Sunday, July 11, 2010

bits & pieces.

been taking care of this guy all week...
he likes the baby pool, so he's always wet.

it's rained so much everything is lush, green & out of control.

i think it's time to find a new pair of these...
i've just about killed them this year.

i'm trying hard to kill something else with this.
i put it on so much, i can't hardly stand the smell anymore....and it's one of the decent smelling ones out there.

somebody likes to smell things way to much.
she loves to be outside.

finally getting some beautiful visitors in the garden.

and finally, almost done with the back room.
now the fun decorating can begin.


  1. We've been babysitting our friend's dog Jeter again this week. We actually have him for the next ten days. This is the most wonderful dog on the face of the planet. He is a Golden Doodle, looks a lot like your fella.
    I love your pond, it has fish in it yea?

  2. The decorating is definitely more fun than the remodeling part...

    And your make believe photographer tag made me laugh. ;-) You're not make believe. You're good!!


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