Wednesday, July 14, 2010

some wonka fun.

our community theater is putting on willy wonka in a couple of weeks.
my husband got talked into it...
i would of loved to do it too, but i will be gone...and i can't sing.
trust me.

so i volunteered my services by  helping with the set build.
it was a ton of fun to help create "wonky" contraptions.
here's a little look around...
my friend susan is in are her 2 oldest boys.
her husband mark was too shy i guess.
this is bob.
bob the boat.
he turned out amazing!
this was his maiden voyage.
this set is going to be super bright and colorful...i can't believe i'm gonna miss the show.
kids will be flying through the air and swimming in chocolate rivers...
hopefully, some kind person will video it for me.
i think someone might have a little crush on bob.
who wouldn't love a giant pink dragon boat?

if you live in the area you should come and watch...since i can't.
then you can tell me how good my husband was at playing the candy man,
or if he bombed. :)
'kidd'n...i have all the faith in the wonka world he'll do great!
...and i will totally be thinking of him while i'm with my bff, lounging on the beach for 10 days.


  1. get me 2 tickets mr wonka. art work wow............(:

  2. woohoo!!! loungin' on the beach!!!

  3. How fun!

    I recognize your friend. I think maybe she works at Koerner Heights VBS that my kids go to every year? Or maybe their Wed. AWANA type program? (I can't even remember the name of it now...)

  4. If I lived closer I would totally go but I think its a bit of a drive from Tn! ;)

  5. How colorful! Looks like a great production.
    BTW, scanner arrived yesterday! Love it but no manual! marlu


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