Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's not my fault.

whenever i am away from home...
my email gets all wonky.
it lets me receive, but not send.
all my emails just sit there all alone in my outbox.
waiting for their turn to fly through cyberspace to their rightful recipients.
i don't know why...i don't know anything about email that way...

so i guess what  i'm trying to say is that...
i'm really not ignoring you...
i really have replied to your comments, because i really do, heart your comments.
but you wouldn't know that, cause my replys haven't made it to you yet.
maybe i will try and work on that why i'm laying by the pool tomorrow.
it will require a phone call to the hubby...
maybe even tonya's hubby.

in the mean time, enjoy this little beauty of my happy place.  :)
ya know...why you are waiting....

1 comment:

  1. is that tonya down below in the red sundress?(: sure looks like her except her hair is usual blonde?



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