Sunday, July 4, 2010

blow'n up the block.

we had our annual fourth of july block party friday night.
the weather was always is
..but i don't want to jinx it.

we started in the afternoon with kids activities.
riding bikes on our closed off street.
i heard my neighbor lawson say "this is so much fun without the cars, i wish we could do this all the time"
water balloons
bonzai falls.
firecracker walk...
like a cake walk, but with fireworks as prizes.
it was requested by one of the neighbor girls this year.
she said it was one of her favorite things.
we used homemade sidewalk paint to paint the circle of numbers for it.
amy j mixed it up and it was a big hit.
our street was brightly colored all day long.
it's super easy to make...
equal parts water and cornstarch...then just add food coloring.
if you mix it with a hand mixer it goes fast.
buy some cheapy brushes at a dollar store.
as the color dries, it gets brighter.
we spent lots of time conversing with old & new neighbors.

miley gave out lots of smooches.
at dusk we fired up the grills and started dinner.
as usual, we had a crazy amount of food.
after dinner the boys entertained us with a crazy amount of fireworks.
they never disappoint!
brayden was waving the flag & dancing the whole time they were going off!
i love this picture...
and this one of me and his momma...
it was once again a successful block party, of course it was cause...

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  1. That's it! I'm movin' to y'alls neighborhood. Where do you live? KS?
    We have had torrential rainfall today and it's still going. All fireworks shows rained out. How's that for a bummer? It was hailing like crazy, now it's just raining like crazy. Maybe we should have gotten out our inner tubes, made a neighborhood chain and floated down the street.

  2. it rocks it rocks.
    it is so much fun!

  3. Came over here from Meg's blog. I do not know Meg... However, her blog, and now your blog too, always look so darned happy and wonderfully neighborly. We are probably moving, so I intentionally led my family house shopping through an area like yours looking for houses yesterday. Now --- if only we could be assured to land on a block with PEOPLE like you (not just charming houses)! You appear to ROCK. I {heart} Kansas. Most Kansans rock.

  4. Amy, your photos are awesome!! Great job.

    Looks like it was super fun, as always. I've joked with my hubby that I'm going to buy that house over by you that's like $16,000. ;-)

    We actually looked at that one to flip, but it was just too scary.

  5. It definately looks like a good time! I admit..I am a little jealous!

  6. Great pictures! It was so much fun!!

  7. I am also moving to Kansas...from Virginia. Tomorrow. Any charming houses near y'all that we could buy? We'll think out that whole 'need a job' thing once we get there! ;)

  8. All that is Americana! What fun...Kim

  9. juli, there are houses very close by for sale!!
    pack your bags... :)


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