Monday, March 15, 2010

the O.C & texas part...umm 5?

i think this is part 5...i kinda forgot where i was.
your probably wondering if i'll ever get to texas at the rate i'm going.
i will....patience.
well these are the last of the california pictures.
maybe i have just been stretching them out because...
well, you know.
most of these are from the irvine spectrum shopping mall.
it's an outdoor mall.
with lots of fountains, flowers, and yes...palm trees.
see the mountains in the background?
such awesome views wherever you go.
well it is a mall, i had to shop.
these two little girls were so cute playing around the fountain.
you could tell how much fun they were having, by the looks on their faces.
it made me want to run around the fountain too.
...don't worry, i restrained myself.
on my last evening, my sis-n-law keryn and i drove down and walked around
balboa island.
it was lightly misting and my pt cruiser had the worst windshield wipers ever.
when brad and keryn lived in hunningtion beach i would
ride keryn's bike down to the island and take the ferry.
it has some of the best beach houses ever.
but since i was there at night, and it was misting, most of my pictures didn't
come out very well...argh!
i could totally live here...
when we were here for Christmas a couple years ago, we came down
and watched the boat parade...actually i should say yacht parade.
it was really pretty...and showy.

well, we've come to the end...
i had to come home sometime i guess,
on my way back to LAX i did spot the blimp.
and the worst color honda mini van i've ever seen.
thanks for coming along on my trip...
see you in texas.


  1. i love all the pictures i'm jealous alittle): but since i went shopping today i'm over it(:..........!

  2. If your current job doesn't work out you could be a photographer. You have a great eye. What camera are you using? You've taken me down memory lane with all the photos. Ahhhh LAX, I know it well. I laugh at the multi lane freeways. Ours was a two lane each direction and then they decided to go big time and add a thrid lane. HA! The last time I was in San Diego there were 5 lanes. Yikes!


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