Friday, March 5, 2010

the O.C. & texas part 3.


while i was in california... i crashed here.
my sixteen year old niece's room.
if i were 16 again...i would love to have this room.
heck, i would love to have it now, but i'm not sure how craig would feel about it.
she gave it up all on her own....for me.
thank you kinsey. that was very, very nice of you!
isn't it just adorable??
polka-dot bedding, cute!
i just loved all this color.
it is a very happy room.
she is a talented artist.
she did both of these self portraits.
she is learning how to drive...can you imagine trying to learn how to drive

while i was in california...i ate here & here.
and here.
these are my 3 favorite places to eat while i'm here.
i wish we had just one of them around kansas.
i have eaten at at least 6 different ruby's over the years.
they never disappoint!
i asked to eat out on the patio.
waiter: are you sure you won't be too cold?
me:  i'll be just fine.
waiter: you want the heater on?
me: no, i'm not cold.
waiter:   really?  i'll turn it on for you anyway!
me:  whatever floats your boat.
i totally take full advantage of the abundance of avocados here.
i order them on just about anything.
like this fresh tuna sandwich.
i will only eat tuna in tastes way better.

next time i go i want to eat here.
i have no idea if it is good or not...but it looks very fun!

while i was in california...i found my new favorite wine.
and not just because it is named "cupcake"
(ok, that may have had something to do with it)
but it was really good.
{: maybe a little too good :}
i couldn't find it in kansas when i got home, so the clerk ordered it for me.

i also had the best (AND I DO MEAN BEST)
margarita i have EVER HAD!!!
girls...i think it tops the sangria swirl at abuelos!!
                                                                           the lemon zinger!!
i don't know what exactly was in it...but i am googling it when i am done
with this post. 
 ....ok, i'm done!


  1. Just had a sangria swirl at Abuelo's last weekend! Yummy! :)

  2. i would like some of that wine(:(:(:

  3. There's a CPK in KC - you don't have to go all the way to Cali for it!!! You have me intrigued about the wine though.

  4. that looks sooooo good! all of it! the food, the wine and the lemon zinger. were they both yours?! :)
    i'd love to talk with you after you drank both!


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