Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the O.C. & texas part 1

i just returned from 11 days of
(new & old)
it couldn't of come at a better time.
i went from wearing these...
to wearing these.
ahhh....flip flops with lime green nail polish.
that's what i'm talking about!
you should know by now that i am not a winter person.
so it was time again to visit the state that i should of been born in.

i just couldn't take kansas weather any longer.
so i hopped on a cheap flight and
crashed at my bro & sis in-laws house in o.c.
(orange county)
 my sis-n-law just happened to be turning forty something ...29.
so we all went to T.G.I.Friday's.
i had the lobster ravioli.
it was D-LISH!!

they all live here.
with this cute poochie named lucky
and this crazy cat named tommy.
lucky the dog can talk.
seriously...she say's "momma"
"i love you"
and her new one.
"i wanna go walking"
she's so cute!!!! 
can you tell she's part basset?  hence the talking.

two of my favorite things about california are these...
and this.
palm trees and the ocean.
so let this be fair warning that you might see lots of both.
i don't want to hear anything about seeing to many pictures of whisping palm trees
and sky blue oceans.
i and L.O.V.E. them :)

lovely laguna beach.
it was so nice not have to wear eight thousand layers and a coat.
i wish i could have a real palm tree.
and not like the one i have, that i have to drag in every winter.
and while i'm at it....a little beach side cottage would be good too!
hey, a girl can dream can't she? 

ok, enough for this post.
there is plenty more...trust me.
i took over 500 photos.
to many pretty things.
it's a wonder i got on the plane and came home.
at least my husband brought me a coat when he picked me up.


  1. brings back memories (: liked the photo of brad,keryn, and some of the kids? dad and i would like some more cheap tickets to go back real soon(:(:

  2. Love it, love it' love it. Love the flowers, love the Palm Trees, love the ocean. Love it all.


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