Sunday, June 13, 2010

boat golfing?

ever since i got home from texas last week, it has been raining.
not constantly, but enough that i haven't had to water anything.
honestly, i don't think my yard needs anymore.
my fish could swim out at any moment.
i think my neighbor lawson is hoping they will swim to his backyard.
and if by chance you were thinking of golfing at sand creek station in newton today,
i maybe would rethink that idea....
unless you know how to golf out of a boat.
this is the 10th hole...ummm, lake.
below if you look closely you can see the railroad tracks that run through the course.
normally, you can drive under them with your cart.
today you could scuba dive.
craig works there on the weekends.
not today...not for a while.
gotta love the parking lot...check out the fire hydrant.
i think we have had somewhere around 5 inches in the last 24 hours...and the ground was already saturated.
our local creek is flooding too, the bike path along it, is completely under water.
i really don't want a flooded basement either.
hopefully this rain business stops.
i really don't want to chase fish all over my will just stir up those fish nightmares i have again.
at least i know a certain little boy who would come do it for me :)


  1. Wow! The golf course is crazy! Corey ran parks this morning and took us out after church to show us some of the worst spots. The kids loved the tunnel by Wendy's we walk on. Totally underwater.

    Re: the fish. Just holler. I'll send him over to do some fish wranglin' for you. :)

  2. Uh oh. Just make sure your sump pump is working well.
    We've been getting quite a bit of rain too. Nothing close to that which you have received, but for us, at this time of year, it's a bit.
    What does this mean for your garden?

  3. wow we........can't beleive all that water it looks like a fishin' pond maybe they we stock fish hahaha (:

  4. Is it like the time we were out way back in the day??? ;)

  5. My husband actually had a tee time for Sunday but didn't get to go. Good thing he got to go on Friday the 11th or his vacation would have been ruined! Nice photos, I'll have to show them to him.


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