Wednesday, June 9, 2010

canton flea market {day 2}

since tonya fled texas for the summer,
her friend tamara let me crash at her house over the weekend.
(that was totally super duper nice of her btw!)

i slept in the cutest guest room ever!
check out this bed and all the pillow goodness!
i loved the black & white with the splashes of red.

when i got back from the market on day one, she took me out to eat at the flying saucer.
we sat on the patio overlooking the lake.

and yes...10 hours of shopping in 100 degree weather, constitutes a margarita!
after while, another one of tonya's friends joined us.
lizzy!  she had just returned from other fav place!
of course i ordered my burger with avacodo.
the burger was held in place with golf tees....hey, at least i brought something back for craig!

we all decided that tonya & sean need to upgrade the party boat to one of these.
sean??  is that a yes??

so after a good meal and a great nights sleep, i started on day 2 of shopping.

this was the first thing i saw and i fell head over heels in love with it.
who knew you could have such love for a silver dresser.
it did not love me was $450.00.
they always have the best furniture.
i would need a u-haul.

i thought these scarf purses were festive looking.
i was drooling over this booths jewelry.
cute retro pink fan....i stood in front of it for ever to cool off.
if you have little girls, this market would bankrupt you.
so many cute, girlie, girl pretties!
like these party hats.
i think my neighbor miss gretchen needs this outfit for her 1st birthday.
omgosh, can you stand the cuteness?!
thanks goodness there is cuteness in my size too.
i always love the colors in this booth.
peace signs were very popular this time.
i think that the best time to go is definitely summer.
even though it's scorching hot, there are a lot more dealers outside.
that's where i got most of my stuff... hang tight, you'll see my goods in another post. 

the outdoor furniture was very bright & cheery!
if only these nightstands weren't $178 for the pair   (sad face)
now you should know what to do with your grandma's old telephone table!
wanna know the best place for a bachelorette  party?
i missed getting their picture when they were in front of me.
they just zoomed by on their scooters.
they all had matching pink t-shirts...bride, bridesmaid, brides mom...what a great idea.
ok craig, i think we need to get married again so i can have one of these!
aren't they a hoot?
tamara, elizabeth, you girls need to get married so we can do one of these!  :)

i think i can honestly say i didn't miss anything this time.
if you need plants, this is the place to go....seriously!!  hanging baskets $4-$5!!!
last time i was at canton, these old typewritter key bracelets caught my attention.
this booth only uses real, vintage typewriter keys for it's jewelry.
they had earrings and necklace pendants too.
some were even made into bookmarks and barrettes.
they have an online store,  TAB typewriter key can find it here.
i may have come home with a bracelet...your just gonna have to wait and see.


  1. i'm overwhelmed(: I'M GOING NEXT TIME YOUNG LADY(: did you get me the t-shirt w/cupcake on it???

  2. So much fun stuff! Seriously have to get there sometime! (I used my new bag today! LOVE it!) :)

  3. I love the teal bench and those giant metal flowers. I want one SOOOOO bad for the garden in Maine!!!


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