Saturday, August 29, 2009

it found a good home

ok, i'll admit it.  i'm gonna miss it a little
but thats ok.

cause i'm not gonna miss this.

or this

and definitely  not this...YIKES!

but it was find a new backyard
and create more memories for someone else.

you have given us so many fun times.
you've hosted many neighbors, friends & parties.
but we must part.
don't be will have a great new family.
ok, so they may not treat you as well as we did  (i was a little OCD with cleaning!)
but you'll get used so much more now,
and that's what a great pool like you deserves.
i promise i will come visit some day.
so until then....



  1. Where did it go? I am unemployed now when you go on vacation - I can't be the sexy pool cleaner anymore. We will miss it also - Thanks for letting us use - I have greatly appreciate being able to take London just two doors down to swim.

  2. Jenn, you can come be our sexy pool cleaner anytime!! You'll just have to bring London 3 doors down now! :) (and you can use ours anytime, Amy!)

  3. 3 doors down, that should be a band name or something.

  4. Yeah, im gonna miss it a little to, okay. like probably ALOT!(: but i'll get over it.


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