Friday, August 28, 2009

nope, still not fun

my bill basket was a mess.
which made it even harder to do the bills (like it's ever easy)
and it makes me cranky!
so i dumped everything onto the table and started sorting

then, i went to the evil empire...wal-mart
and looked for a cute organizer.
of course they had absolutely nothing that would work for what i wanted.
so i started looking for things that i could put together and make my own custom one
and this is what i came home with.

a cute little tub...of course they had one left in the color i wanted and it was cracked!
so i settled for dark grey, oh well.

colorful polka dot folders, which look very "partridge family" in this photo.

3 mesh pencil cups.
route 44 dr. pepper (imperative to the organizing process!)

and here it is, all filled up, easy to take wherever, & totally organized (for awhile anyway)
oh, and way cuter than any old boring one you can just buy.

so does it make paying the bills any funner?

uummm, no.
but it's darn cute to look at.


  1. it IS so cute! do think my craig would one for all his bills? :)

  2. I think Craig would love one for all his bills, Meg! :) Super cute!

    Way to join to bandwagon, Amy! I'm anxious to read more! :)


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